In a moment of quiet this evening, we waited on God. Music played. We were encouraged to just soak in the presence of God. 

Not the thing I find easy to do. As soon as I quieten down my mind fixated on all the ‘stuff’ that needs doing. 

Yet a moment of clarity came. Frustration. I’m frustrated. With myself and with God. I’m not as focused as I would like to be, I’m not making progress in things like I wanted. Then, He (God) seems to answer others yet I feel stuck, overwhelmed by things that just aren’t changing or have hold on me, on us. 

Then the still small voice. ‘You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Created out of love on purpose for a purpose.’ A timely reminder. Plus the words playing in the background ‘everything is gonna be alright, everything is coming together’. 

It was like the words were just mine, only heard by me, everyone else hearing something different. 

It only takes a minute with God to get your focus regained and know that even though you cannot always see it, God is still in it, still there. 

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