Is anything too hard for the Lord? [Genesis 18:14]

As we walk with God there will be all sorts of moments. Think about your own walk and your experiences with God, the Words from God, the way you have grown. I’m sure like me, there have been some glorious life altering moments, some powerful Holy Spirit moments and more than likely, some frustrating, confused and questioning moments. Maybe you have even had some moments of unbelief too.

For Abraham and Sarah this is one of those moments. Put yourself in their shoes. Gods talked about an heir before but now He is saying that the son will come from them, a couple of very old people, they were in their nineties. That’s not a union I really want to think about, yet God spoke the birth into being.

However, knowing how easy it is to look at certain characters in the Bible as always being great and amazing, I am encouraged once again that these are just ordinary human beings, with the same kind of flaws that I might display from time to time and I can learn quite a lot from them. In this case about unbelief.

Unbelief comes to everyone. None of us are so close to God that we don’t have moments where we wonder if God we actually come through for us, that what He has said, can and will come to pass. Like Sarah, we have laughed at the thought. Our realistic view of the world has reminded us that such things are just not possible even though God says they are.

Unbelief can go one of two ways. These moments are pivotal moments. Right now the trajectory for Abraham and Sarah is going in one of two ways. Unbelief doesn’t make you a bad person or a bad Christian but we have to be mindful of it. Behaviour is influenced by our beliefs, so realistically that means that unbelief will have an impact on us in some way.

Unbelief might lead us away from God. How might we react in the same situation? Really God? I just can’t believe for that. We begin to doubt Him, we begin to drift a little, then before we even realise, that moment of unbelief has drawn us away and we are not walking with God in the way we once did.

Unbelief can bring us back to our knees. Maybe we recognise that we can’t solve everything and that the best place to find ourselves is on our knees before God, crying out in a moment of honesty, and ultimately of trust. Maybe there is someone who will challenge our response and keep us on our walk with God. Either way, whether we can believe it or not, God will and that’s the most important truth to grab hold of.

Wherever you are when it comes to waiting on God for some miracles, choose to fall on your knees. Don’t allow the seemingly impossibility of them draw you away from God but instead towards Him. After, God knows what He is doing and nothing is impossible for Him.

The things which are impossible with men are possible with God [Luke 18:27]

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