The month of May started with Vision Night at Xcel and the encouragement to ‘lean in’ to what God is wanting do, in us and through as a bunch of believers at Xcel Church.

Then I headed off to Israel and Jordan for 10 days. An incredible time, discovering the Holy Land, learning about what life would have looked like for Jesus, and so much more too in the +45° heat.

I know I can muck about but my prayer is that through this time away there will be a freshness to my relationship with God, an added ingredient of understanding after standing in places where Jesus would have stood.

Next came Lead Summit with words from Paul Scanlon and Jurgen Matthesius that just messed with your head.

Add to that, all the normal stuff of life, family and church and the last 31 days have definitely been full.

I’m not complaining though. Isn’t this the life we want to live, the full and abundant life of John 10:10? I am thankful in so many ways it can be difficult to explain. Now, as always, I just need to keep on with the living the life God has positioned and placed me to live.

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