Within the life of a leader there are a number of things that people would say need to have their attention. 

We could make an argument for most of them – getting stuff done, making decisions, empowering people, being with the team, listening and communications well, people skills and many more. 

Yet, as a leader for God, one thing must take a higher priority than all these others and that is to experience God daily. 
Luke tells us in chapter 5:16 that He (Jesus) often withdrew himself into the wilderness and prayed. 

We might not do the exact same thing but the habit is a good one. Time alone with God – to read His word, to pray and to hear His voice. 

Wisdom comes from time with God. Leadership is influenced from time with God. We are transformed from time spent with God. 

Let’s be leaders who make this an essential part of our daily walk with God. It might just make all the difference. 

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