In our walk with God we are going to be challenged to compromise what we believe and what we know to be true about our God. People have interesting views of God. Many see Him as some sort of big cosmic killjoy, sat ‘up there’ just waiting to strike us down when there is the first sign of us ignoring Him or behaving inappropriately.

Others feel that God cannot be interested enough in us, otherwise, if He really cared, He would act and do something about how the world looks.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Gods heart is towards people. It’s our heart that is not always toward God. All the work of the greatest exchange was accomplished by God, through His Son Jesus, done on our behalf and for our benefit.

He needs to become our ‘instead of’ God, a way of bringing to mind all that He has done for us. Think of where you may be if it was not for God. Instead of being there, you have been saved, set free and are walking on a different path of life and discovery.

In Psalm 30 King David dedicates the temple but more than that he is recognising the goodness of God, speaking out a testimony of truths that are still applicable today. When it comes to his life He sees God as the One who creates an ‘instead of’ exchange

Lifted up instead of brought down
Given help instead of left helpless
Favour and blessing instead of anger. 
Joy instead of weeping. 
Dancing instead of mourning. 
Gladness instead of sackcloth. 

Praise instead of silence.

What has God done for you that you could describe as an ‘instead of’ exchange?

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