Finished this book recently. It is about what the cover tells you ~ love and how it can make you live.

The stories are great. I don’t have stories like them which, upon reflection, I had to admit is mostly due to the fact I probably don’t live with the right kind of ‘love does’ attitude.

If I want to have stories like Bob then I have to put myself in the right place for them. Or at least be prepared to go with whatever happens. Love is the secret to making a difference in others peoples lives.

  • Love does mess up
  • Love does words well
  • Love pursues
  • Love says yes
  • Love makes room
  • Love makes friends
  • Love encourages
  • Love does it big
  • Love is palms up

It’s a good read making an excellent point. LOVE DOES. The bigger question is ‘do I?’ The answer is yes, to a point, but I could do better. I’m on to it and here’s to some stories for me to write about soon.

Get your copy here

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