The recent advertising campaign by Ford challenged us to UNLEARN.

UNLEARN Autographs
UNLEARN Everything

Ultimately they are wanting us to think differently about cars made by Ford. To see Ford differently. The strap line they used was to ‘let go of what you know’. See the video here.

For a few weeks now I have been thinking about this UNLEARN idea from a local church perspective and genuinely want to hear your thoughts. You may or may not be part of a church, that doesn’t matter.

Let me just say, I am not looking for an opportunity to become liberal in the message – the Good News of Jesus is just that and it will not change. I am not about to make some parts easier to swallow just because they challenge us. We all know the ‘how’ part can be amended. Perhaps the UNLEARN is part of this.

Here’s how I am approaching this thought:
1. Don’t think too long about the answer – your immediate thoughts are what I want to the 3 questions below…

Q1: What would it mean to UNLEARN church?
Q2: What do we need to UNLEARN to see our churches vision happen?
Q3: What do we think people not in church need to UNLEARN about church?

2. When it comes to the answers…
Be honest. Be creative. Think outside the box. Think about others. Be encouraging and positive. Keep it simple (so I can understand it).

3. Finally – let me know if you are a church goer as this will give me some context for your answers.

Let’s start a conversation and maybe UNLEARN church, seeing it as an opportunity to ‘let go of what we know’ and to learn something new that may be of benefit for those of us already in church and possibly of even greater benefit for those who are not going to church right now.

I know some of you are going to love this opportunity and thanks for getting involved.

3 thoughts on “Unlearn Church?

  1. A1. UNLEARN religion and stereotypes, fear, tradition, ritual. We need to take a fresh look at what church is, needs to be and should be

    A2 UNLEARN fear of the unknown, fear of future, fear of failure. We need to step out of the box and do it different not just become another church that does different but be the different.

    A3 UNLEARN stereotypes, fear. We need to show the non church goers that church is the people and not a building. Its a breathing, moving relationship of faith

  2. What does it mean to unlearn church?
    I think there is so much focus on the process of church, making sure everything looks and feels right; we forget that church is not about the building or even the programme, church is the people. What are we referring to when we talk about “church”?

    What do we need to unlearn to see the vision pass?
    If then we are focused on the processes rather than the people, do we need to unlearn the processes. That’s not to say we devolve into chaos and lack of order, however our charge is to love God and love people.
    When we look to make changes/improve what we do; do we look through our Christian eyes thay are used to the building, used to the atmosphere, used to the people or do we ask/think about how that person who is lost will really feel- how do we do that?

    What do we think those not in church need to unlearn?
    Do they need to unlearn anything? They will, at some point, how not to live addicted to alcohol / drugs etc for example. Thankfully we have the Holy Spirit to guide on this one.

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