Hard Work and Rewarding

Helping and loving others is hard work, maybe that’s why we choose the other option. Saying yes to others takes time, effort and if we are honest, a change in routine and some inconvenience too. 

 Yet this is the battle I’m in right now. To ‘unlearn’ my approach to life and the calling to which I am called. For me it’s mostly about not giving way to personality, selfishness or just plain laziness. 

Some early observations…

  • I need to get fitter. 
  • It will help get me fitter. 
  • It doesn’t need to be big stuff. 
  • To others it is big stuff. 
  • It needs to be more normal. 
  • It’s great fun too. 

Join me on this ‘unlearn’ journey and share yours along the way. Don’t applaud me, it’s only what I should be doing anyway. I recognise many of you already live this way and I salute you. I’m merely playing catch up. 



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