Been nudged recently about the power of remaining humble. Reading about Joseph and how in the midst of great upheaval, turmoil, being forgotten and even when he was being promoted, how he always remained quietly confident in Gods ability to deal with everything.

Humble enough to not promote himself when opportunity presented itself.

Humble enough to not take the credit but always give credit to God.

Humble enough to not complain when he had been forgotten.

Humble enough to trust God is able to bring it all together.

Humble enough to go with the life God considers best for him. 

I am big enough to admit that I don’t have this sorted. I like to be noticed, I like to put my name forward, I might push for the opportunity, yet I would still say I am trusting God for all of them.

So this becomes my focus. Stay humble. Go with God. Worry less about the outcome and know He has His hands on the steering wheel of my life. If He wants me be somewhere, then He is more able to get me there than I am myself.

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