What you ask of the Father in my name (Jesus) He will give it to you.

That’s some statement right there. Not one to be taken advantage of but the name of Jesus is powerful and provides access like nothing else can. 

On Sunday morning I took that promise and prayed. This is more or less what I wrote in my journal… 

‘Father God I ask today in the name of Jesus for Your presence to be tangible and evident across our services’. 

I don’t know if that’s a prayer you should even ask but God was most definitely in the House. In the team gathering, in the worship, in the word, His presence was evident. 

I ask in the name of Jesus for me to be transformed by the Holy Spirit. I ask for people to return to church and be in the House of God today and that they recommit to You. 

I ask for this town – that You will move upon it and cause some to wake up and feel an unknown urge to be in church today. 

Father God, in the name of Jesus I ask for healing upon bodies. I ask for miracles of all kinds in people’s lives. In my life. 

In the name of Jesus I will keep on asking. Like the King told to strike the ground I keep hitting the spot, keep on asking,  until the victory is won. 

I ask all these things in the glorious name of Jesus to the glory of that name and thank You in advance for answers to prayers. Amen’

In the name of Jesus, what are you asking the Father for?

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