We need both. 

We need the presence of God. We need times of just standing in His presence. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to us. We need the overwhelming sense of God and His transformational presence. 

We need the practical too. We need to take that presence and bump into the world in which we live. We need to love on people, encourage people, pray for people and going about doing good.   

In the Acts the Apostles we see this working at its very best. We read about how the early Church met together praying and worshipping in the temple. We read about how they ran a programme of practical help for those who needed care. 

The presence and the practical working together. A working of harmony. The rhythms of Grace bein experienced and then put to work too. 

More than that, those helping in the practical were to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to have an awareness of the power of God which was within them. 

The presence and the practical is a powerful combination. When it comes to kingdom building you possibly can’t have one without the other. Together they truly can change the world. 

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