I do enjoy a good day at church and yesterday was a particularly good one. We had an all church ‘unlearning*’ experience. Check out the video here. It was the perfect example of a recent post about the Presence and the Practical.

1. We didn’t just do Sunday church. We went outside of the walls to be church. No guitars in sight. No Bibles carried. There was a song sung in a couple of nursing homes but mostly just a bunch of people from Xcel out and about loving on their community.

2 It’s not such a big deal. We make it that everything has to be epic and when it can’t be we don’t bother. Yesterday was just ordinary and that is perfect.

3. It was a good laugh. It was genuinely good fun going out and about to clear away rubbish, to give some cakes out and play a bit of sport.

4. The unexpected can happen. Like one team being asked to sing to the elderly and invites back. To reconnecting with people we have helped 7 years before and they still remember us.

5. People really appreciate it. Lots of smiles and grateful thanks. Lots of curiosity to as to why we would be doing all this.

There’s a price to pay. You have to do things that are not naturally what you would choose to do. In doing so you open up new pathways of opportunity. And if nothing else, you’ve loved on people in a way that helps them and surely that can only be a good thing.

Thanks to everyone who got involved. For everyone else ~ don’t miss out on the fun of it. Make sure you get involved in something next time #unlearn

(*I realise some of us needed to unlearn more than others, myself included as I continue on this adventure of mucking in and being involved with others as much as I can). 

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