We have to learn to recognise that Gods way to greatness is different to ours. He uses every experience to shape us for our future. 

Joseph dreamt of greatness (Genesis 37). Like most 17 year olds he would not realise the journey he would travel to achieve that greatness. 

God’s not shaping us for a moment, He is shaping us for ANY moment. 

Greatness with God is not a moment, a one hit wonder, it’s not our 15 minutes of fame, or to make a million or two. 

Greatness for God is being shaped for any moment. Moments that come when you’re not expecting them. Moments that are not epic but demonstrate a heart and life dedicated to serving God.

Any moment to display loyalty, to resist temptation, to work hard, to notice the sadness of the faces of those around you, to minister to others, to hear from God, to handle adversity, to handle promotion, to forgive, to see Gods hand over your life. 

Let’s stop waiting for ‘the’ moment and instead be ready for ‘any’ moment and see all the great things God has for us to do throughout all of a our life. 

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