When Joseph sent his brothers home loaded with provision and carts to bring the whole family back he gave them one very clear instruction.

Don’t argue with each other on the journey. 

What great advice. If we want to learn to travel well then we need to learn a few things:

1. Settle our hearts.

2. Recognise God is not shaping us for a moment but for any moment.

3. Don’t argue with others. (Genesis 45:24)

Arguing makes it all about me and what I think. Arguing causes stress and division. Arguing can create upset and unnecessary hurt.

Instead we should learn to practice all of these:

  • prefer one another
  • let some stuff go
  • learn not to react to everything
  • to understand that just because it can be said doesn’t mean it should be said
  • to look for the best in others, to trust one another
  • to forgive
  • to recognise not everyone is like you
  • to put ourselves in their shoes
  • to think maybe they have some stuff going on

Let’s commit to giving this a go and see what a difference it might just make.

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