It is amazing that after all Joseph went through, he finally stood before his brothers and revealed who he was to them. 

They were a little bit fearful, after all he was now second only to Pharoah in all of Egypt. He had power and could so easily exercise it over them. 

Yet he didn’t. Instead….

He was able to forgive them and not fight with them. 

He was willing to be peaceful towards  them and not punish them. 

He was able to see Gods hand in it all and not just there doing. 

The life of Joseph can teach us so much, the hardest being ‘to see God in our lives even though we cannot see God in our lives’. 

‘What you meant for evil, God used for good’. 

That’s the ultimate of seeing God even though you cannot see God. He knew God was with him. He recognised the favour he had in difficult circumstances. He kept trusting that even though it looked like nothing was happening, that in reality, behind the scenes, everything was happening. 

My prayer is to be able to live the same way. How about you?

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