Joseph didn’t seek to find a solution to every problem that came his way. He didn’t look for a way out. He didn’t assume that quitting would provide a better option for his future. Instead he trusted God for a way through. 

As we travel we will encounter many opportunities where we will have to make a choice. Which way will we go? The way of self or the way of God? To find a way out or a way through? To go for what we think is greener grass? Or to wait for our grass to grow?

Choices are often based on how we frame our life – the values, beliefs, and convictions that help us decide things? Many are almost subconscious, framed by experience, childhood, upbringing, and the so many more influences. 

When I look at Joseph I see someone who didn’t allow all ‘things’, ‘people’, ‘circumstances’ or ‘experiences’ to frame his life but only the faith he held in God. I read it and think it’s amazing he could do that, especially when you see what he went through. 

In an encouraged and challenged to live the same kind of live…

To keep the frame of my life set as God. 

To live within this frame so the choices I make are based solely from it. 

To guard the frame from other influences which may cause me to be led away from wholly trusting God.

Ready to keep walking with God. Thankful that God is always with me and His Holy Spirit is there to help me too. 

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