To lead well in life is to be a person who lives with an attitude on not making everything about ourselves. To stop making ‘me’ the centre of everything.

People who lead well in life are the ones who have made the decision to not be led by emotions, by opinion or by circumstances. Instead they are led by values, convictions and character. 

Phrases that could be thought of as ‘below the line’ are significant by their absence in a great leaders life. 

That’s not my job. 

I’m not happy with the decisions being made. 

I’m being ignored. 

I don’t like the way I’m being treated. 

I can’t work with them. 

They didn’t acknowledge me. 

I haven’t been thanked for ages. 

Leading well in life is about more than position, it’s about me as a person. Yes, I need to demonstrate some competencies but how I demonstrate them is often of greater importance. 

Let’s be leaders who think carefully how we speak, think and feel and work at removing any below the line attitudes which can make everything about us. 

Just some thoughts – tell me what you think. 

4 thoughts on “Stop Making It All About You

    1. Good question and a difficult one to answer.

      I think all leaders will be guilty of this at some point. I know I have been. With the best of intentions, wanting to see things accomplished and for the team to win I have possibly pushed too hard and at times overly managed them. I guess if it had become a pattern I may have lost the right to lead.

  1. No, my point was that allot of people don’t deserve a good leader, that they will take advantage of generosity – of a leader that expects too much of themselves, and thus carries their unappreciative asses. Though I recognize the reverse happening.

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