So, I am on with a plan, no more procrastination, instead it’s time to get on with what I have spoken about many times before but never actually done.

My name is Julian and I am a serial procrastinator.

Here’s what’s coming…

…a new site, with posts focused on what I know and what I see – leading well in life, making a difference, building local church, walking with God and other stuff too.

…a place of encouragement, answered questions, resources and some challenge along the way too

…giveaways, book reviews and more interaction with those who happen to pass by these pages.

Thanks for the recent feedback, I aim to include posts that answer the questions you are asking. Feel free to complete the simple questions and leave a comment about what you would like to see and what might help you.

I’ve even managed to finish a one month devotional which I aim to launch as soon as I can and the Leadership book is almost completed too. This is not to boast, more to make myself accountable to you.

Leading well in life is not always about how well we lead others. Let’s be honest, if we could only lead ourselves better we would be better placed to make such a massive difference.  The quote attributed to Thomas Edison seems apt here “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves”

With 80 days until 2017 why not set yourself some end of 2016 goals that are all about leading well in life.

80 days of deliberate living.

80 days of consistent living.

80 days of productive living.

80 days to get some of that ‘stuff’ we said were going to do done.

Make today Day #1 and commit your 80 day goals to paper or leave them as a comment – one or two things you will focus on, things which mean you have to lead yourself better, you may have to say no to something deemed good because you know in doing so, better has an opportunity of being accomplished.

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