When I wrote last week there were 80 days until 2017. Did you make the decision to focus on anything of meaning and purpose. I hope so. If not, why not? What’s stopping you? I’m sure that if I can do this, then anyone can.

Whatever ‘IT’ is, just choose to start. It doesn’t matter when. Make it today. Then once you have started, be bold, be courageous, keep going and make sure you do one thing…

Don’t break the chain.

This is not an original thought. This technique was made famous by Jerry Seinfeld, who said that he wrote a joke every single day. No matter how he felt or whether he had anything to say, he wrote at least one joke every day.

Why not get a calendar put up on the wall and mark it with a great big X in the first square when you complete your ‘IT’ for the first time. Then repeat every day. Or whatever timescale you decide.

Now there are just 73 days until the New Year to accomplish something of purpose, something of value. Let’s do this!

What is the ‘chain’ you would like to make? Why not share what you will commit to make progress on?


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