Focus is important. The ability to be focused and maintain our focus could be considered one of those distinguishing features of a leader. Some just seem to have it. Some need to work a little harder on developing it, the focus toward a purpose or the achievement of something in particular. It’s not about being bossy but instead is about bringing a sense of clarity, of clear vision, of knowing what is needed at a certain time.

The opposite is therefore true. A lack of focus can create unease, an awareness that the leader doesn’t seem to know what to do or where to go. Teams are looking to be led which means as the leader there has to be a willingness to spend time giving focus to the right things at the right time.

3 ways a leader should focus…

In what we SEE. What our eyes see. What we pay attention to. What we look at. Yes, it is about the detail, to ensure what needs to be done is being done but it’s also about the people working on our behalf. When you really see your team you see their needs. and great leaders serve the needs of their team. Focus on what you see and respond.

What we HEAR. An ability to listen. To know what’s being said. The good and the bad, with a willingness to ask the difficult questions. Leadership is about hearing, not just about being doing all the talking because we are in charge. Great listeners learn what will influence the culture in a positive way. Think about what Pastor Andy Stanley says ‘Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say’. Focus on what you hear and respond.

What we FEEL. Getting to the heart of the matter. Developing the gifts within us. Discernment. Wisdom. Intuition. Instinct. Gut. Being led by the Holy Spirit. Too many times I have ‘felt’ that I should do or say something to a person, not acted and then heard later about an outcome which, who knows, may not have happened if I had been obedient to that feeling. Focus on what you feel and respond.

What do you think about this simple but powerful thought?


5 thoughts on “3 Ways a Leader Should Focus

  1. Its important to feel that you have been seen and heard by a leader, especially in hard times. Also true in good times, to be recognised for growth, change or accomplishment. As a leader its on you to make them feel seen and heard and understood or to be celebrated; this may mean as a leader you need to step out of your comfort zone and approach a person. A leader builds leaders and seeks to be overtaken by those who have been led.

    Loved the 3 points of focus. We are all called to see, hear and feel. We are all leaders somewhere in our lives

    1. Thanks for your thoughts on being a leader. I especially like the first one about people wanting to feel like they are seen and heard by a leader.

  2. I agree with of the above, each important leadership qualities. I would like to add that leaders should learn to tune in and focus on their own needs. A leader who serves others while neglecting their own needs will soon “burn out” and have difficulty serving others. Learning to say “no” at times to the demands of others can be challenging but absolutely necessary to recharge and take stock. Its a selfish selflessness approach. Even Jesus took time out away from his disciples and the masses.

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