The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood.

In John 1:14 we are told that Jesus moved in to the neighbourhood.

It’s a great picture of all that God desired to accomplish when sending Jesus to earth. He wasn’t coming as some great ruler but rather as a man, who would engage in community, connect with people and be compassionate towards the cry of the hearts.

He was everything that the religious figures of the day were not.

Now it’s our turn. To be a Christian is not to be superior to others who are not. It’s not to separate ourselves from others so we remain uncontaminated.

The command of Jesus is that we go, into all the world, reaching people, interacting with others, active in our neighbourhoods as we live out our faith in all kinds of creative ways.

This Christmas, make time for others. Move into the neighbourhood. Be normal but be all for Jesus. What a difference that just might make. 

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