You may not be like me but nearly every year for as long as I can remember I have always taken these last few days of a year to reflect and get ready for the new one. 

It’s not about resolutions, I can’t keep them and in reality they are (to me), a little boring. 

Here’s my focus ~ that my walk with God would be better. That I would start strong the next 365 days, digging in the Word, praying every day and living with greater intent in regard to the person I say is the most important to me. 

So let me ask some of the questions I ask myself to get me thinking about relationship with God. 

What am I most excited about for 2017 with God?

Where do I need to grow bigger with God in 2017?

What will I make my non-negotiables in 2017 when it comes to my relationship with God?

What I am believing God for in 2017?

Why not answer them and share your thoughts as a comment below. Thanks. 

2 thoughts on “2017 and God

  1. Psalm 46 v10
    Be still and know that I am God
    To be still says my Bible reading is not to worry fret make demands take control assume the worst
    But to make a sustained effort to focus on God through prayer and belief.
    That is my aim for 2017 as the word sustained leaps out. I do focus on God many times but sustained speaks of consistency. I have to find fresh ways to approach God in prayer and devotions not always relying on someone else to lead me.
    Keep the thoughts coming in in 2917. So helpful.

    1. Thanks for the thought and encouragement Pauline. I think sustaining our walk with God is a challenge for all of us and one that I am working on every day, with the help of the Holy Spirit. Believing 2017 will be a year of fresh revelation in God for you.

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