Lead well in life by avoiding criticism.

I know this can be a challenge especially if you are in a role that often calls for you to comment, give an opinion or to ‘critic’ the merits of something. There is a balance between this being kept healthy and helpful, rather than becoming personal and painful.

Some things I have learned by getting it right and wrong along the way…

Speak words which always have the best interests of the other person in mind not just your own.

Speak with the vision or cause in view not just your own personal preference. Keep the big picture in mind.

Speak about the ‘thing’ rather than the person. Unless it is a person then speak to them face to face, not to others and remember the above.

Bring suggestions to the table for improvement rather than just with a ‘fix-list’ for others to sort out.

Don’t put all your energy into winning the argument. Put all your energy into winning the person.

Slow down. Pray. Ask for some Godly wisdom.

I can naturally be a cynic so I have had to learn to listen first, wait, not say some stuff that may just not be helpful and think things through more fully.

Remember we can give an opinion without being opinionated, we can give a ‘critic’ without being critical, we can always see the person not just the problem.

Just a thought. What do you think? Add anything helpful to the list?

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