Trust in the LORD, and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness. [Psalm 37:3]

Of course we know to trust in the Lord and to do good. We might even acknowledge the need to dwell in the land, in the context of being in the place where God wants us to be and to be set about living for Him.

However, it’s these last two words that struck me today when I read them…


Such a simple phrase yet one which could change the world we live in. What if everyone was a friend of faithfulness? Imagine the difference.

A world of people demonstrating the characteristics of faithfulness and being loyal, constant, steadfast, resolute in their commitment to something or someone. Surely it would change a culture drawn more easily to unfaithfulness, and begin to help in growing bigger people who are reliable, trustworthy, honest and unfailing.

All that without even focusing on how faithfulness is a fruit of the Spirit, something Christians should already be demonstrating but often do not. It’s easy to get caught up in the way everyone else behaves and show no distinguishing marks as a believer.

Then there is the faithfulness of God toward us. The richness of His favour, providence, promise, grace, and a diligent care available to us. This are the things we should ‘feed on’.  Why? Because He is our confidence, the one we can always rely upon, and the one who is our safety and security.

I wonder how is our faithfulness quotient? Am I feeding on the faithfulness of God so I can be a person of faithfulness in my every day? Or is my impatient quotient higher, leading to unnecessary frustration and distraction, with people and maybe even with God too.

Help me Lord to feed of your faithfulness. Help me to befriend faithfulness, to make a difference in the world on Your behalf.

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