Kickstarter Project Launched


The dream of seeing the book released takes another step today with the launch of my Kickstarter project. You can have a look here: my leadership book published

After a casual conversation with a friend about being a leader, 19 is the book where I am sharing the leadership lessons I have learned over 25+ years as a leader to my younger 19 year old self.

Why 19? That was when I got given my first leadership opportunity. A great couple asked me to take the lead. They saw something in me which I definitely didn’t see in myself. I had a lot to learn.

So this is very much my story. I have tried to be as honest as I can while keeping it a practical resource, with reflective questions at the end of each chapter to get the reader thinking about their own leadership journey. Plus some guest authored chapters too.

Every pledge is a pre-order so if you would like a copy then I hope you help to make this happen. When successful then the manuscript will be sent to the publishers with the aim of having all completed by May 2017.

Thanks for having a look and I will keep you updated along the way. If you choose to support the project then a MASSIVE THANK YOU!!


10 Days….

When there were 80 days left of 2016 I wrote a blog outlining some of the things I wanted to get done by the end of the year…here’s an update.

New site…not quite there yet. But the behind the scenes I have been working on the content.

The Walking With God 45-day devotional is complete and going out to a few for editorial suggestions.

The leadership book ’19’ is done. [See image] book-header

Guest chapters are back, editorial suggestions are in and final amendments are being made. I will be launching a ‘Kickstarter’ project at the end of the month. Publishers are ready for the manuscript in February with a hopeful date for release being May 2017.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement. Maybe you set off to ‘get some stuff done’ towards the end of this year. How has it gone? I haven’t overcome the procrastination completely but I am glad to have got over these few hurdles. One thing I have managed to do is convince myself that ‘I can’. I am excited for 2017 and all that God has in store for me.

Passing the Leadership Tests

Thought I would go back to the very reason why I started this – why do some leaders make it and others don’t? As I write today I can think of young people who are forfeiting their right to be leaders, even their right to be a team member because of a variety of reasons.

Its frustrates, disappoints and sometimes, downright annoys me. They want the position, the opportunities but not the responsibility that comes with them. Leaders are different to the crowd. Sounds obvious but surely that’s what makes them leaders.

Different ways of thinking.
Different attitudes.
Different levels of integrity.
Different work ethics.
Different character.
Different way of seeing.
Different lifestyle choices.

Being a leader is 24/7 not just when you are at work or on the job. I think thats what too many people forget. As long as I perform in front of the team, that’s what matters. NO. Your team are not so niave to see throught the shallowness of thinking like that. That is Level 1 leadership – do it because I’m the leader.

The next few posts will be on the Detail Test.
The thought here is this – as a leader its the big picture that counts, casting the vision – the detail will take care of itself.
The question: does not passing the detail test mean you won’t make it as a leader?

Bad Choices, Wrong Decisions & Lack of Wisdom.

Why is that people who are doing so well can suddenly make such bad choices?

Seeing this a little too often recently and it certainly get’s you thinking. In the whole concept of why don’t leaders make it, I guess that ‘bad choices’ would be pretty high. Plus it’s very frustrating and extremely annoying watching people do that.

Maybe they sold us an illusion that everything was okay, when really it wasn’t.
Maybe they allowed the ‘little foxes, to spoil the vine’.
Maybe they didn’t guard their heart against certain issues.
Maybe they got lazy in their defending of what they knew was right.
Maybe I’m making excuses for them when it’s their fault.

Becoming a leader is not an overnight event. I think people forget this. In our modern culture of instant availability the willingness to wait or work at something is disappearing. Leadership is a process that demands high levels of determination, energy, focus, right thinking, wisdom and so much more. In the test of a leader you can do great in 9 out of 10 but failure in just 1 could be enough to see you put the brakes on, limit or stop your potential.

I think I am discovering that many of these tests overlap. Bad choices, wrong decisions and a lack of wisdom by default demonstrate a lack of maturity, coupled with the old adage ‘its not my fault, its not my responsibility’.

Anyway – been checking myself to make sure I don’t allow anything in that will cause me problems in the future. Trying to remain positive too.

Random Leadership Thoughts

Not spent as much time over the last two weeks on the whole ‘Why leaders don’t make it’ as I should but my thinking continues to be challenged.

Spoke at Planet Youth on Friday about living a BIG life and what it takes. It was fun. Only did one point ‘Being Safe Is Risky’ – to live a BIG life you cannot afford to stay safe – the risk being you will get left behind or miss out on stuff you could have done. Don’t blend in, you have to stand out to be remarkable.

I loved the opportunity which doesn’t come around very often and really enjoyed myself.

Tomorrow I fly out to Romania for a week. I will be doing some leadership training which I am excited about but also a little nervous. As any leadership trainer knows, you always want to make sure that what you are talking about is what they really need to hear.

The topic is Potential – another one of those areas which can frustrate you in the devleopment of leaders. Too often people continue to be described as the person who has great potential but they never quite fulfil it. Perhaps this is another leadership test which some don’t pass so they never make it as a leader. My challenge – share ideas and thoughts which help these young leaders realise their true potential.

Getting the Right Consistency

To become a great leader you need to develop some consistency.

It’s funny, when you talk about this with leaders they always want an explanation – what do you mean? Well, here is my attempt to explain what it means…

1. You must be consistently good – doing the right thing, making good decisions, completing the tasks in your hand
2. You must be consistent in ALL areas of life – it’s no good being excellent in one but not in another – that is being inconsistent!
3. You must maintain a level of consistency over the long term – nearly anyone can look good for a moment, doing it over a longer period is the challenge many cannot match
4. You must decide to become more consistent – it is a leaders choice, which then impacts on every other choice you make

How do you think you do on the Consistency Test? Does it make it difference with your leaders or team members?

Calling All Leaders – I Need Your Help!!

In all my thinking on the whole issue of why some leaders succeed and others do not I am discovering more questions than answers at the moment. If you are a leader then I need your help. If you are a would-be leader in development then I need your help too.

We find ourselves on the leadership journey but how? These are the questions I am asking:

Is it a conscious thing?
Is it encouraged by others?
Do we see it in ourselves that we want to be a leader or does another leader see something in us therefore encourage us in it?

Please don’t just read this post – LEAVE A COMMENT and help me in my thinking on the subject of why some leaders make it and other don’t.

Why Don’t Leaders Make It? (2)

I have a seed of a thought which I am trying to nurture into something with a little more substance. You know, when a thought just begins to tug at you, like your young toddler who just wants daddies attention and won’t take no for an answer.

This is my thought ‘Why do some leaders continue to improve their leadership credibility, while others frustratingly stay where they are or worse still fall by the way?’

It has become an all-consuming thought, every waking moment I am thinking about this question. Sharing elements of it with different people just to get their initial response, struggling to try and identify the various elements that could help me answer it. See I’ve been involved in leadership development for over 10 years now and I’ve read a book or two, so I know ‘the answers’. Therein lies my dilemma – in gathering evidence I don’t want the simple, one-dimensional manner answers – by which I mean the obvious stuff like bad attitude, lack of character, no ability – my desire is to get beneath them and possibly discover more depth. So, because of this train of thought, more questions have come to the surface as I have scratched the itch a little harder…

Can we answer why this happens? What makes the difference?

On the leadership journey how have they responded at the critical points? What are the critical points, what is involved in that part of the leadership process? How do they respond? What effect does it have, what were the results?

Deeper than that comes thoughts about the tests, do they perhaps form part of the critical points. Do we have to pass all these tests to increase our leadership credibility or not? Can we fail but still see our credible rise?

As a leader responsible for their development, what can I do to help them become unstuck, as it were?

As you can see – my mind is a muddle of questions, ideas, thoughts and concepts. Sieving through them is a struggle.

You can join in the discussion – are there any questions you would add? What thoughts do you bring? Is the theory complete nonsense or what?