Don’t Break the Chain


When I wrote last week there were 80 days until 2017. Did you make the decision to focus on anything of meaning and purpose. I hope so. If not, why not? What’s stopping you? I’m sure that if I can do this, then anyone can.

Whatever ‘IT’ is, just choose to start. It doesn’t matter when. Make it today. Then once you have started, be bold, be courageous, keep going and make sure you do one thing…

Don’t break the chain.

This is not an original thought. This technique was made famous by Jerry Seinfeld, who said that he wrote a joke every single day. No matter how he felt or whether he had anything to say, he wrote at least one joke every day.

Why not get a calendar put up on the wall and mark it with a great big X in the first square when you complete your ‘IT’ for the first time. Then repeat every day. Or whatever timescale you decide.

Now there are just 73 days until the New Year to accomplish something of purpose, something of value. Let’s do this!

What is the ‘chain’ you would like to make? Why not share what you will commit to make progress on?


What Would a Win Look Like For You in 2016?

There are some powerful reasons why this question is important enough that means each of us should to take time to consider it.

If we don’t know what a win looks like, how do we know if we have won.

If we don’t know why the win is important to us then giving up when it gets tough will be easier.

If we don’t have a win to go for, then another year may be spent putting our energy into anything.

I recently tried to articulate some of the wins I am looking for in 2016 – more WOW moments, digging into the Word of God, helping my family flourish and other stuff too. Each represent one or more WHAT’S, each of which need a WHY to be attached that can help me connect more purposefully with them and then each need a WHEN to help me to focus.

There is no guarantee for achievement but I am going to give it my best shot. It needs to be more than just a bunch of good intentions, I have done that too many times before, this time I better prepared and focused. To work like it depends on me, but also to pray like it depends on God. To win ~ personally, as a family, within my roles, and spiritually too.

How about you? What does your win look like? Why is it important to you?

Other Stuff Too

I have shared a few things I am wanting to see in 2016 – more WOW moments, digging into the Word and seeing my family flourish.

I want have some fun too. You know when you feel like you should be learning or doing something new. I want to improve my cooking skills. I am no masterchef but I do like to cook, just want it to be more than all the usual stuff, so here’s to introducing some new meals to the repertoire.

Praying for some BIG breakthroughs that I am full of faith for. To lead people to the Lord. To see family become Christians.

And I will get the book finished. Ill-discipline and procrastination are to be exchanged for focus and good old-fashioned determination and hard work. It’s a sad old state of affairs when your goals get stuck, so 2016 is the year to get unstuck and see some of them fulfilled.

Going to keep praying and working to see Xcel Church grow too. I love what I get to do as part of the team. 2016 has to be a year where we help grow BIGGER people who will own and carry the vision.

How about you? What do you want to do in 2016?

More WOW Moments

Over the next few days I thought I would share some things I am excited about for 2016, or some things I want to see, experience, be ready for, be focused on. Hope you know what I mean.

This is not a to do list, just my thoughts for my year. They won’t necessarily be for you but they may inspire you to think about what you want 2016 to look like.

I don’t mind looking back like I did the other day with my leadership observations but the future is where we are heading. I am 46 next year so I need to stop saying ‘I’m going to do’ and actually ‘do’.

I want more WOW moments.

I know what some WOW moments will be but for most of them, I haven’t got a clue and maybe that’s the point. WOW moments can be planned but are often to be found in those unexpected moments. I think this also includes the times when God does something,  a prayer gets answered, an experience that changes you. As well as just seeing some stuff get done in my life.

I know 2 WOW moments in 2016.

I’m off to Bangalore in February to help with the launch of Xcel Church. Spending time with Immy and the team he is beginning to build, experiencing a different culture, and just getting excited about what God is going to do in people’s lives. That’s definitely a WOW moment. I’m also going to Israel in May, there’s another WOW moment too.

What would you want your WOW moment to be in 2016?

Just One

This is not a new thought, but I have been reminded recently about the power of the one.

Who is the one person that you can encourage today?

Instead of waiting for someone to encourage you, be the one who brings encouragement to another

Who is the one person you can pray for today?

Instead of waiting for someone to pray for you, be the one who prays for another.

Who is the one person you can invest in today?

Instead of waiting for someone to invest in you, be the one who passes on some wisdom, an insight, some learning, something that you know to another.

Who is the person you can…come alongside, help out, support, give to, learn from, include, forgive, give a smile to, comfort, listen to, do something for, love?

Instead of waiting, often impatiently for others to be all of these to you, lets be the ones who decide that regardless of everything else, we are going to be the ones that make a difference.

Ideas v Intentions

Recently I have liked the idea of writing but had no intention of actually sitting down and writing anything. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say, I have in all honesty just been a little bit lazy.

It’s so easy to drift.

It’s so easy to want something but to do nothing.

It’s so easy to just fill your time with stuff that doesn’t help the dream.

I am reminded about what Mo Farah said after his double Olympic win in 2012.  ‘Anything is possible. It’s just hard and grafting.’

So here’s getting back to it. Reminded. Refocused. Renewed. Let’s see where it takes me.

The Next Big Thing

We expend energy on many things. Not all bad either. Lots of worthwhile ventures.

We can get caught up with the future though. Don’t read me wrong, I am an advocate for setting some goals, having a dream and having a desire to head somewhere on purpose. Yet I also see a danger when this becomes our main focus, the source for our drive in life. To put it simply, there may be times when we chase the next big thing rather than chasing after the one who can helps us in our pursuit of that next big thing.

Let’s make sure that God is the big thing in our life that we chase.

Remember that it is God who gives us the power to create wealth. It is God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask, think or imagine, according to His power that works in us. Not God working according to our power in Him.

What’s the next big thing? I don’t honestly know. What I do know is this, whatever I think it may be my responsibility is clear ~ I will continue to pray about it like it depends on God and work hard towards it like it depends on me.

Challenge Up

How about during the next 30 days we challenge up? It’s the only way to challenge yourself.

In whatever, look to challenge yourself for the more not the less. For the better. For the improvement. For the growth. Challenge up normally involves some stretch.

Getting fit. Eating well. Fixing what’s broken. Investing in yourself. Finishing the project. Starting your business. Creating something new. Writing the book. Fulfilling the dream. Reaching people. Building church. Knowing Jesus. Insert own ‘idea’ here.

Challenge up. I don’t know what that looks like for you. Maybe it’s about creating some space and making room, putting something down to pick the right thing up.

Challenge up. Perhaps it’s about taking 15 minutes a day and focusing in on that particular thing you really believe is your one thing.

How about it? Where would you challenge up in life? What’s to lose?