How Can I Help You Best?

You read my blog, some of you even know me personally, so I am asking you a question, one that could just help me shape the pages of this blog for the future.

Allowing for how well you know me or what you have read here – what do I know? If you were coming to me for something, what would it be? What problems would you come to me to for help? If you had a question, what would it be about?

I would value your feedback. Please complete the simple 3 question survey by clicking on the link below…

How Can I Help You Best?

Thanks for helping me as I look to make changes to this site of the next few weeks.

Leadership Admin ~ 5 Things Which Help Me [When I Remember]

We all have unique gifts and personalities. Some of us love a good ‘system’ more than another but if we desire to be people of influence in any avenue of life then there are probably a few ‘admin’ skills which we should give our attention to.

Keep the Big Picture in View – I have the vision up on the wall. It reminds me every day what we are doing.

Remove Distractions – maybe give your phone to someone else and stop checking emails all the time. Even a good old-fashioned ‘Do Not Disturb’ on the door can help in getting that one thing completed. 

Know What’s Going On – good leaders have an awareness of what’s going. Capture thoughts, comments, ideas all the time. Be ahead of the game. Know what’s happening and what needs to happen too. 

Know What To Work On – occasionally the mother of all ‘to do lists’ will be written out and then attacked. Do what only you can do and work at trying to delegate the rest. 

Take Notes, Answer Emails & Ask Questions – always amazed at people turning up to meetings with no method of capturing what’s being talked about. Don’t rely on others for this. Great leaders note stuff down. They input when requested either by email or in person and they can think of questions too. 

Be a better leader and get some administration into your world. Whatever works for you, just work that out and increase your leadership leverage. 

What do you already use to help ‘admin’ you as a leader?

Staying Humble

Been nudged recently about the power of remaining humble. Reading about Joseph and how in the midst of great upheaval, turmoil, being forgotten and even when he was being promoted, how he always remained quietly confident in Gods ability to deal with everything.

Humble enough to not promote himself when opportunity presented itself.

Humble enough to not take the credit but always give credit to God.

Humble enough to not complain when he had been forgotten.

Humble enough to trust God is able to bring it all together.

Humble enough to go with the life God considers best for him. 

I am big enough to admit that I don’t have this sorted. I like to be noticed, I like to put my name forward, I might push for the opportunity, yet I would still say I am trusting God for all of them.

So this becomes my focus. Stay humble. Go with God. Worry less about the outcome and know He has His hands on the steering wheel of my life. If He wants me be somewhere, then He is more able to get me there than I am myself.

Inviting Feedback [Friday Leaders Post]

Always better as a leader to invite feedback than only getting the feedback you receive uninvited.

Leaders need to be willing to learn and to be willing to listen. Leadership is about more than being right, it’s about being credible.

If I refuse to listen eventually people will stop talking to me. They will stop telling me things. The things I like to hear but also the things I need to hear, however difficult they might be.

So here’s a great question for any leader to ask of their team and those who they have responsibility for…

If you were me, what would you do differently? 

Don’t be unnecessarily unkind and don’t be anonymous either in how you answer, but I am happy to hear your thoughts if you want to.

Leadership Focus

I wonder what helps you to focus or do you just find that really easy. I have moments of laser like purpose and then other days there just seems to be an endless amount of distractions – some genuine, others just me. 

Leaders get things done, so leaders need to know how to focus. After all, if your name is next to it, then the responsibility for seeing it finished is on you. 

Again, not always the best at this. Sometimes just knowing it needs to be done is enough but these other things help me too…

  1. Take a few minutes to write down what you have to do. 
  2. Make appointments with yourself to get them done
  3. Use ‘do not disturb’ – on the door, on the phone
  4. Hide your phone away, turn it off or give it to someone else
  5. Just work on one thing for a set period of time to get it finished or for progress to be made
  6. Go through your list and mark the things that only you can do and then look to delegate to others what they could do on your behalf. Always give clear instructions and expectations as part of that process
  7. Set some deadlines – they really help me
  8. Think about what needs to be done first – not necessarily from a speed of ease point of view but from an importance point of view
  9. Take a break. It is important to get up, walk around, close the laptop down, get some fresh air, have a drink to refresh you, go have a conversation with someone
  10. Enjoy what you do, even the parts of what we do that are less enjoyable

What would you add to this list? I would love to hear from you about how you remain focused on a task and what helps you. 

Being a Pioneer

Fantastic time at Influence 2016. So much to think about and digest. Definitely had a spiritual deposit from being in Gods house all day.

Tonight Mal spoke about being a pioneer. Here are my notes. So much said, I did my best…

Romans 15:20-21

  • Every great venture has begun with a pioneer. 
  • God is raising up a new pioneer generation – people who will create a path for them and for others to follow

1. Godly pioneers are divergent thinkers 

  • people tend to be satisfied by the easiest answer they can obtain – convenience
  • divergent thinking – are there opportunities that have never been done, things never explode before
  • they have a broad adjacent possible – take what’s around you to form new ideas
  • Learn by education
  • Learn through revelation
  • We need both
  • divergent thinking is important across all avenues of life 

2. Pioneers are big hearted people
Luke 7:19 – Great pioneers are not offended by who God uses next

3. Great Pioneers travel light
If you want the messages they will become available via our website very soon

What has been your highlight of the day?

Leadership Disciplines

Over the years I have learned many things but one of the simplest is this: to become a better leader requires discipline. 

We will all end up somewhere, doing something, there is no doubt in that. Maybe for leaders there is a need to develop a different approach, one not relying on a default way of life but rather one through discipline and design.

I was not always great at this and I am still learning.  As I watch other leaders and wonder how they achieve what they do I discover this same simple truth: they have developed their leadership disciplines.

As a leader I have had to ask myself, am I happy with my leadership? Am I willing to do what it takes to improve? How can I grow myself as a leader, so that I can become a leader who has what it takes to grow others?

What are your specific leadership disciplines? I have a few and will unpack them in some upcoming posts.

What Do You Actually Do?

One question I get asked on a regular basis is this: ‘So, what does an Executive Pastor actually do?’ Great question. Sometimes I wonder that myself. Not many days are the same so it can be tricky to answer.

Here’s a good list for starters having checked my recent to-do list ~ people, meetings, budgets, discussions, strategy, organising ministry opportunities, identifying leaders,  looking at the detail, more meetings, process, systems, helping other leaders, asking questions and then continuously repeat, in any order. All covered by keeping my relationship with God as strong as possible.

As far as I am concerned, one of the most important aspects in my role is knowing the vision of my Lead Pastor and then helping others grab a hold of it too. For me, it’s about taking everything that I have to think about or plan through the filter of the big picture, the overarching vision that we have in our church.

People are passionate about what they do, seeing what they get to do as the most important thing in the world and that’s a good thing. Yet it can also be dangerous, as it is easy to become blinkered to anything else or how what one part is doing impacts on another. That’s where my role comes in, helping them keep the big picture in mind. After all, it’s no good one part winning at the detriment of another part.

In rethinking my writing and the resource it can be, unpacking some of the journey as an Executive Pastor might be useful. I’m no expert but I have been giving it my best endeavour for the past 5 years now. I’m hoping I have learned a thing or two worth passing on.

I love what I do.
I’m not sure how I got here but I feel like I am in the right place.
I love building local church.
I love helping others to love what they do.
I feel privileged that God would have me do this.
I want to help others feel empowered in their roles.

I know I’m not perfect in this. I get it right. I get it wrong.

If you could ask one question of someone in a role like mine, what would that question be?