Family Back Home

We have eaten for England this week, laughed at and with one another, been a little afraid on the rides together, but most of all, just enjoyed being with one another. 

Family fun is good for my soul. I am tired yet I am refreshed. 

Family fun brings us together. Shared experiences are always good. 

Family fun made my dad happy. He is full, which I hope you know what I mean, by watching his own children and all the family together. 

Did I mention food? Lots of food, especially cake. 

Only downside – I crashed the car. Well, I drove into a steel girder in the car park. Not something I really want to have to pay for but never mind. Nothing was hurt, except my pride. 


Family Time

This week we are away for a full family get together to celebrate my dads 80th birthday. 23 of us aged from 2 to 80yrs. 

Family is important. We don’t get to do this very often as we live across the UK. It becomes more difficult as the family grows so these moments have to be seen as precious. (Photo will follow later in the week)

Family is diverse. We may be blood but that doesn’t make us all the same. Different personalities, different habits and different things that we enjoy. And that’s okay. 

Family support. We may not be with each other all the time but if anything happened to one of us then the rest would be there to help. 

So here’s to a great week off work, enjoying each other’s company, eating lots of food and heading to the rides at Alton Towers tomorrow. Not sure if my dad will ride the Oblivion though. 

What Are You Reading At The Moment?

Went to Borders the other day. Love going there. Never really get to fully appreciate it when the girls are with me but I did get the opportunity to browse and checked out a few books that look interesting even alllowing for the pile I still have left over from last year!

Leaders are readers. You want to gain some knowledge then you need to be reading and I don’t mean just general fiction. You need to read stuff that will challenge you, inspire you, stretch you, teach you something. Start small. Don’t be intimidated by how much others read – have your own plan, set your own goal and go for it!

This is the last 10 books I have read – what do you think?
Vintage Jesus
Turning Points
Starving Jesus
Wake Up Dead Man
Sticky Church
Moving in the Spirit
Meatball Sundae
Holy Discontent

After any good recommendations. Come July I will be switching my emphasis from reading my Bible in BIG CHUNKS to reading from an ever increasing pile of books.


The Christmas Story

Thought I would have some fun and get your help to re-tell the Christmas story but with a difference. So this is how it works.

1. I will start the story and then you help write the rest.
2. You can only write 5 words (per comment)
3. Then the next person carries it on

You can come back later in the day to add another comment. Spread the word and get your friends involved to. Let’s see if we can make this work…


October Review

Another great month. Here’s what’s been happening during October. This month I have written 21 posts, had 33 comments and passed the 8500 mark for views since my blog life began.

Not quite the best month ever: just under 1500 views.
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Best referrer: Over 300 from Xcel Church. The best home Church – loving what’s happening at Xcel at the moment. Check out the progress on our building project.

The biggest non-Church or facebook referrer was my friend Chezz, Executive Pastor at Xcel Church. Check out his thoughts here.

Most viewed posts:
How Honest is Too Honest? An interesting question to ask. This received the most comments – always ready for more though.

What Makes You Happy? A simple question and I loved the variety of answers. Hope the people get to enjoy them soon. Meat & potato pasties wins!

And a regular read for me and from someone who left a comment here is chaotic ministry. I have more in common that he probably realises and he shares some good thoughts on leadership too.

Looking forward to November.