Leading Well in Life: Celebrate


How are we doing today?

Are we making any progress on the goals we set when there was just 80 days until 2017? This is what I wrote back then about leading well in life…

Here’s what’s coming…

…a new site, with posts focused on what I know and what I see – leading well in life, making a difference, building local church, walking with God and other stuff too.

…a place of encouragement, answered questions, resources and some challenge along the way too

…giveaways, book reviews and more interaction with those who happen to pass by these pages.

I’ve even managed to finish a one month devotional which I aim to launch as soon as I can and the Leadership book is almost completed too. This is not to boast, more to make myself accountable to you.

Wherever we have got to it is important that along the way we celebrate the journey. I can look at these statements and be frustrated but I can also see that I have managed to get a little further with them too which puts a smile on my face.

The books are out for editorial suggestions. I surprised myself and asked some well-known church leaders to contribute to the book, and have even had some replies. What they have written will add a different aspect to the book and I am really happy with that.

The publishing journey never moves as fast as you would like but the aim is to send the leadership book ’19’ to the publisher in January 2017. Some kind of crowd funding project may come soon to help bring this dream to reality.

So how is your journey shaping out? Let’s not just look at what we haven’t managed to accomplish but rather notice where we have made progress. It will never be as much as may have wanted but hopefully it’s something.

Keep plugging away. Check out the previous posts in this series too.

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A Day in the Life of Xcel


Sunday ~ what a day. It doesn’t happen by chance. We pray like it depends on God but BIG UP to the teams that work like it depends on them!!

Here’s some of the things I love about my church…

3 locations. Multiple teams. All about lifting the name of Jesus and with a desire to see transformation in local community. It’s a beautiful thing. The willingness of so many volunteers to come early for set up, sound check and to pray together.

Troubleshooting. Things don’t always run smoothly. The ability to take on an issue and just get on with it, no fuss, no big panic, it is fantastic. Here’s the best thing too, most people wouldn’t have even realised that anything went wrong. Me included sometimes.

Worship. Such an excitement about the place as we get ready to record a live album on Sunday 11th September. Checkout this short clip from yesterday and another new song. Save the date!!

That we are building something for God. Never underestimate the power of a big vision to engage. The Xcel 2020 vision is bold but full of opportunities for some ‘only God’ moments. There is a place for everyone to participate.

The people. Just love the heart of the people. Love that they are with us on the journey. I know we may not always agree on the best way to do things and that’s ok. That’s family. We can have our discussions and then we get on with it. People are what this is all about. Connecting with Jesus. Connecting with others within Xcel. Connecting with those who don’t Jesus yet. It doesn’t get any better than that.

I could go on. The adventure is on and I am glad to be a part of it. Why not join us this Sunday and find our for for yourself what all the fuss is about. Check out the website

My Week: Tuesday

Growing to the Next Level

This where I have been all day with Kerina, John, Lisa, Glyn and Jean, and another 49 church leaders and their teams. Sharing ideas and having honest conversation about how best to grow the church.


It’s exciting to think where Xcel Church can be by 2020. We have our vision and it’s beginning to take shape. 

As we know God, find freedom and discover our own purpose, together we will then be a part of seeing it complete and making a difference. 

My head is slightly mashed as we have discussed the current reality and looked at opportunities along with listening to sessions about vision and systems too. 

I know, that like me, if you call Xcel Church your home that you are ready for the future and growing a large, influential Christ-centred church. 

Are you ready to make it happen?

More WOW Moments

Over the next few days I thought I would share some things I am excited about for 2016, or some things I want to see, experience, be ready for, be focused on. Hope you know what I mean.

This is not a to do list, just my thoughts for my year. They won’t necessarily be for you but they may inspire you to think about what you want 2016 to look like.

I don’t mind looking back like I did the other day with my leadership observations but the future is where we are heading. I am 46 next year so I need to stop saying ‘I’m going to do’ and actually ‘do’.

I want more WOW moments.

I know what some WOW moments will be but for most of them, I haven’t got a clue and maybe that’s the point. WOW moments can be planned but are often to be found in those unexpected moments. I think this also includes the times when God does something,  a prayer gets answered, an experience that changes you. As well as just seeing some stuff get done in my life.

I know 2 WOW moments in 2016.

I’m off to Bangalore in February to help with the launch of Xcel Church. Spending time with Immy and the team he is beginning to build, experiencing a different culture, and just getting excited about what God is going to do in people’s lives. That’s definitely a WOW moment. I’m also going to Israel in May, there’s another WOW moment too.

What would you want your WOW moment to be in 2016?

What Does a Big Future Take?

We are ready for all that God has for our future both as a family and as a church. I’m believing it’s a BIG future. So excited for the Xcel 2020 vision and privileged that I get to be involved in making it happen. 

5 things (in my opinion) that’s it’s going to take from me…

It’s going to take some daring faith. I might just have to make a sacrifice or two, with my time, with my talent and with my treasure 

It’s going to take collaboration. Me playing my part alongside everyone else. 

It’s going take some prayer. Can never pray too much. 

It’s going to take plenty of hard work. Got to just be doing something towards it. 

It’s going to take staying in church. Planted in the House we flourish. Sometimes to see a vision fulfilled you just have to stay put long enough. 

I just love being a part of building local church and happy to do whatever it takes. How about you?

Zoned Out

You know what it’s like. You’re in a meeting, then the combination of the warmth of the room, the level of the conversation, the topic being discussed and suddenly, without even realising it, you have zoned out. Let’s be honest, it happens to us all and if you’re anything like me, when you have zoned out your mind starts to wander and you begin to think about way more important things like food or some sporting event you have a vague interest in.

It’s going to happen and it’s probably alright, for a short time. Some might say that to close off all other distractions and wander can lead to a sense of clarity, genius moments perhaps.

However, in my time as a leader and a Pastor I have observed on too many occasions people who seem to live in a constant state of zoned outness. Life is passing them by and they don’t even realise it.

Have you zoned out?

Have you zoned out from your God-given destiny?

Have you zoned out from living life on purpose for the cause of God?

To zone out means to miss what is happening around us, to lose an awareness of the immediate. It’s as if we have gone offline, we have uncoupled ourselves from life and are headed somewhere else. I’m all for a distraction, a laugh, something to take my mind of the important stuff but not to live that all the time.

I think there are some things we would do well to zone out from. Sin. Laziness. Unkindness. Gossip. A lack of care. Unforgiveness. Controversy. Religion. Wasting time.

When it comes to the things of God I need to zone in. Life is not meant to be lived according to what I think is right. I need an increased awareness of what God is saying not to just not try and miss it altogether.

When it comes to the promises of God over my life I need to zone in. I don’t need to be worried, overwhelmed, fearful or lacking confidence. I need to focus on His word, meditate on it and the promises contained within it, all of which are for me, and that I can they are ‘yes and Amen’.

When it comes to fulfilling the call of God on my life I need to zone in. Love God, love people, love His church. When I zone out I do not perform well, I am not living out of my full potential. I need to zone in, to know who I am in Christ. From identity will come activity. From knowing I am His, how I do what I do will be different.

Only what we do for Christ will last. We only get one life so maybe it’s time to wake up, get back in the room, focus our attention on what God is doing right now and zoning in, getting ready, making ourselves available to play our part and enjoying the adventure along the way.

Vision To Build

We are gearing up at my church for our annual vision offering next Sunday. The Xcel 2020 vision is one full of faith, all about the future and it’s big enough that requires all of the family to participate in and play their part.

Vision is the capacity to see beyond what we can see with our eyes. To be people of vision takes faith.

Vision is about painting a picture of the future. What could this part of God’s family look like in 5 years time? One thing is for sure, it’s an exciting time to be part of what God is doing.

Xcel 2020 is all about growth, helping more people, connecting as a church family more effectively, training leaders for life and increasing our influence as a resource to the church. Lots to be praying about including new locations, Xcel Bangalore launches in 2016, more Groups, new community based initiatives, leadership development & life courses plus an Xcel album too.

This is my church and I love that I am a part of something that has BIG vision and is making room for me and everyone else who calls Xcel home the opportunity to partner with them in seeing it fulfilled. Next Sunday I not only bring my financial seed to sow into the vision but my gifts, talents and whatever else God would have need of to see people reached for Him.

Like I wrote yesterday, we only live this life once, so what are we waiting for? Only what we do for Christ will last. My true reward and legacy isn’t going to be how good I was at my job or even how good I was at raising my family. Instead I believe it will be from how I invest in the Kingdom and be about those things that Jesus love ~ His Father, people and His Church.

So, let’s do it! Let’s do God proud and honour Him with everything we have. Let’s make the most of our time and make a difference while we are for Him. After all, He has definitely made a difference to all of us.


Quit IT

I have written this post out a few times to ensure that I make it read well. Yet I don’t think there is any other way to say this other than in what may seem a fairly blunt manner.


It’s time to quit.

Winners quit the right things. So to move on and get past something maybe it’s time to quit so you can start winning again.

So, let’s quit IT. Whatever IT may be.

I’ve got lazy, again. So I’m going to quit IT.  My levels of procrastinating have risen once again and are stopping me from fulfilling the dream of getting a book written so I am committing (again) to 2 things I love to do ~ read and write. 15 minutes of each every day for the next 100 days.

I wonder, what do you need to quit? What’s possibly in the way of what you believe God has for your future?

Quit complaining. Sometimes, if we are honest, this complaining has gone beyond healthy criticism. It’s just become finger pointing. Perhaps it’s even got personal.

Quit being a spectator who just loves to be critical. Much like the football supporters who never plays, yet loves to shout out opinions from the stands on the best way to play the game. Instead, get involved and become a participant in what God is doing.

Quit waiting for the perfect time before you will step out in faith. Things will never be ‘perfect’. God makes something out of our willingness and our obedience and that doesn’t rely on perfection but on Him.

Quit with the Christian pride and not allowing God to deal with some stuff because you think there’s no need as you’ve been a Christian for so long.

Quit missing out on all that God has for you.

Quit allowing an offence to get in the way of your relationship with God and with His family.

Quit not being in Church. It’s time to come home and reconnect with you family.

Quit saying you don’t have enough time. I love this article by Jon Acuff about saying you are too busy.

Quit those habits, quit the attitude, quit the apathy, quit the blaming, quit forgetting, quit quitting and complete that project.

Whatever IT is that keeps getting in the way make a good decision today and quit IT. Hunt IT down, deal with IT and then get on with living that life which you desires so much to live.

What is IT for you?