Your Christian Journey

I set myself the challenge for 90 days – rising early to pray & seek God. Here are my thoughts as it heads towards day 90…

…90 days is a LONG time
…it’s TOUGH to keep the disciplines going
…believing for BREAKTHROUGH is exciting
…recognising the breakthrough when it COMES is not always easy
…prayer WORKS
…loving reading the Word at the moment – incredible how often it speaks to you the right word at the right time
…change is often a necessity to see breakthrough become a REALITY
…the walk is just that, a walk – NOT a sprint
…one breakthrough is NEVER enough – I’m learning that I should always be believing for something
…stretching your faith HURTS
…where I am at with God IMPACTS every aspect of my life
…holding onto my INTEGRITY is an essential element to gaining breakthrough
…KEEP tight with God
…enjoy the JOURNEY, otherwise what’s the point!

How is your journey going at the moment?
Seen any breakthroughs recently?

Still Believing For Great Things

I knew that committing to praying and believing for 90 days was going to be hard work. The disciplines can start to loosen a little over time, keeping focus becomes harder, especially as now I am just passing the halfway mark. At the beginning it’s exciting, the end will be too…the middle bit though – that can feel like a slog.

Getting up some mornings isn’t easy. BUT it’s always worthwhile.

Enjoying more than a fleeting moment with God. Standing in the presence of God at the beginning of a new day – it has changed me.

I am becoming more aware of God.
I am becoming more aware of my need for God.
I am becoming more aware of those moments when life distracts me too much.

So I am still standing. Still praying. Still believing. Still actively engaging my faith to see God do great and amazing things, in my life, in my family, in Xcel Church Darlington.

How about you?
What are you praying for at the moment?
What are you believing for in faith?

Psalm 69:9 says ‘…zeal for your house consumes me…’ I think this is probably what gets me up in the morning and drives me on regardless of all else.

Forty Days…God’s Purposes Stand Firm

Still getting up early.
Still praying and asking God everyday.
Still believing.
Still standing in faith.

Reading through Psalms at the moment the following aspects have jumped out at me over the past few days. The way King David writes about…

the question of how long, when will you answer me
the way that frustration is mixed with an absolute trust that God will bring victory
the way he describes the impact that the statutes of the Lord can bring
the recognition of the need for God’s unfailing love

In the context of where I am right now, what I am praying into, the things I am believing for a verse I read today encouraged me so much…

‘the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations’ (Psalm 33:11) He is on the case, working out His plans, through me and through this generation.

What do you think?

28 Days Believing…

Looking back on my journey so far. Praying and believing God for stuff. Living out the Christian life – what a rush!

Check out some of the most popular posts – I have. Reminded about what God has been saying…
Team Church [Day 7] What does a team look like? A great series – really shook things up.
Change Your View [Day 4] – the whole I saw, I felt, I thought – how Saul acted.
Thank You For The Cross [Day 13] – in all our doing of life we must not forget the benefits bought for us by the blood of Jesus.
Monday Morning [Day 2] – when it all began – Psalm 103
What Would You Ask For? [Day 12] – I need to not only hear my own voice but Gods.

Any thoughts resonating with you?
Anything you read recently that really challenged you?

Expectancy [Day 23]

As I was praying this morning I became expectant! Being on holiday last week and in someone else’s house certainly impacted the keeping of my disciplines, making them more difficult, so now the kids are back at school I’m rising early again and getting proper time with God.

I know what I am believing for.
I know what I am asking for.
I know that I need to stick in, that it’s not about how I think God should answer the prayers but allowing His will to be done.

I am encouraged that ‘the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.’ I know that God has great plans for my life and that I am walking in them, so why should I not be EXPECTANT?

Is it wrong to have a sense of expectancy?
Am I over confident?
Or do I just know that God is for me.

What do you think?
Are you expectant of God for something?

How Authentic Are You? [Day 17]

This is a great balancing act for Pastors. People coming into church for the first time want to see a genuine faith, people with faults living under the grace that God provides.

Question: how vulnerable is enough? How much is too much? I am a work in process and endeavour to share that journey with others. Keeping honest and real can help build trust, maybe breaking down some barriers.

How willing are you to let the real you be on show?
How much is you working hard to cover up and put on a show?

Interesting challenge!

90 Days…Review Week 2

Another 7 days in. Thanks for sharing the journey with me. When you spend time with God He certainly has the tendency to prod and poke you on things that matter.

Day 8…keep moving forward
Day 9…starting the days right
Day 10…watch who is around you
Day 11…don’t procrastinate
Day 12…asking for the right thing
Day 13…thank you for the Cross
Day 14…team church, are you a serious player?

The next 7 days will be tricky as I am away with the family but will do my best to not slack on the disciplines. Might not get to post my thoughts until Friday.

Who Am I Becoming? [Day 15]

So 15 days into this 90 day journey here’s some insights to where I am at on this journey…

I need to keep changing.
Determined to stay true to what God wants me to be and do.
Easily distracted and too often lack focus. Working on that.
Keeping the balance between everything I do is not always as easy as it looks.
Praying is a non-negotiable.
Praying once is often not enough. God is building my character as I persevere in prayer.
I don’t like waiting.
The Cross is one of the most important things in my life. All that it represents. The power and victory that are revealed through it.
Asking for the right thing is just as important as taking the time to ask.
Stretching my faith muscles is essential. It is the currency of heaven and without faith it is impossible to please God.
Sometimes I probably ask for the wrong things.

Heading into MASSIVE MARCH which is a great example of knowing what to ask for. I want to see growth. Need God to bring the growth. Reminded that one plants, another waters but it is God who brings the increase. What are the expectations for Massive March? What to believe for?

Away this next week having some family time so may not get to post as much. Still going to keep praying and believing God for breakthrough. Always felt this year is one of explosive growth. Not sure what that means but that is part of the discovery that God is taking me on.

How is God changing you in 2009?