What to Do With Those Leadership Notes

I have spent the last 2 days at a couple of leadership seminars, so right now my head is full. It’s important for me as a leader to always be learning but it’s not always easy to process all you are hearing. I have been reminded about some familiar leadership stuff and challenged with some new thoughts too.

Here’s how I try and process all my notes:

Take time out. Get some peace and quiet to read them through & clarify any points.

Identify. Two aspects to look for – what’s for me personally and what’s for me in my leadership role.

Action. Think about what response is needed. Is it just a thought to remember or is it something to action. If it’s actionable then take time out to think about how to action it.

Share. It’s always good to pass on what you are learning but in the appropriate way. Maybe get leaders together to discuss the ideas and the action to be taken. It’s important to involve others in the idea formation.

This sounds a formal way of doing things but it’s not really. It invariably doesn’t happen like this, in such deliberate steps but some form of process is essential.

How do you process new information?