In Jesus Name…

Tonight we prayed again. Around 200 names to pray for. Names that people from Xcel Church wrote down recently. Family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues. People we want to see become Christians.

Tonight we prayed for them all. Believing for a harvest of souls, for salvation to come to people’s homes, for lives to be changed. Praying for those who wrote the name down to have boldness and courage in the Holy Spirit and to take the opportunity we are praying that God can engineer for you.

We pray like it depends on God. We work like it depends on us.

Really got stuck on praying for the names on the tables that represent the Prodigals, the lost that we want to see return home. In Luke 15:17 it says that the young man ‘came to his senses’ and that was my prayer tonight. That wherever they are in the world, whatever they are doing, they would come to their senses and whether they think they have it good or otherwise they will remember what it was like in their Father’s House. In Jesus name they will come home.

Keep praying. Keep asking. Keep standing in faith for all the names you wrote. I am genuinely excited to see people we have prayed for coming into the Kingdom. Oh and by the way, do me a favour ~ let me know when something happens. When you have a conversation. When you invite and they say yes. When you lead someone to the Lord. However small, it encourages our faith!

Why not join me next Friday night. 7pm at the Xcel Centre and we can stand together to see the breakthrough.

Reflective Moments

Then Moses said, “This is the thing which the Lord commanded: ‘Fill an omer with it, to be kept for your generations, that they may see the bread [manna] with which I fed you in the wilderness, when I brought you out of the land of Egypt.’ “ [Exodus 16:32]

As we walk with God each day it is vital that we not only experience the moments with Him but find a way to capture those moments too.

I think it’s incredible how easily I can remember the minutest detail about some things, yet forget more important and recent information. I can definitely recall the tougher times and those times when things have gone horribly wrong. They come to mind quickly enough.

Instead, I have made the conscious decision of what’s important to me on my walk with God. I have decided to make a record of what God has done for me. To remember the goodness of God. I am encouraged when life takes a turn or I am believing God for an answer. He has come through before, He will come through again.

How do you make sure that you reflect on those God moments?

Some people keep a journal. Personally, I try and write down my prayers each day which means I can look back and see what God has been doing. Just be willing to find something that works for you, it might just save your walk with God.

What’s Your ONE Story?

Faith…it’s a wonderfully mysterious, yet powerful thing. Faith not just in anything or anyone. I mean faith in God. Without faith it’s impossible to please God. Many say that faith is the currency of heaven, its what God deals in.


Therein lies the quandary. I don’t want to move if God hasn’t already moved. Except I know he has already made an incredible move through Jesus, so my confidence should not be in the seeing of things but just in the knowing that God has my best in mind all the time.

If you didn’t want the best or believe the best for people then you wouldn’t give your best for them. Jesus would have never happened. I thank God for Jesus and live by faith because of who he is & what he has accomplished.

How is yours?
Is it active?
Are you stretching it?

Let’s build our faith.

We heard on Sunday from Lisa about all the ONE’s who had impacted her life. Who had made a difference. Who had encouraged, challenged, loved, prayed for her along the way. What about you…who were the ONE’s who impacted your life? Let’s share our faith stories & inspire one another to believe God for more..lives changed, family becoming Christians, financial miracles…hope you are up for telling your story below….