Nobody is a Nobody to God

We may feel unworthy of Gods love. Our friends and family may think that God would never want anything to do with them. Often people think that they are too far gone for God to really care.

Why would God be interested in me? I’m nobody special.

Here’s the thing that I have discovered as I am praying for the names of people I don’t even know, nobody is a nobody to God. Every nobody in their own opinion is a somebody to God, somebody worth sending His son Jesus to die for.

Nobody is too far gone.

Nobody is out of the reach of God’s grace.

Nobody is so unloveable that God cannot God love them.

Every nobody needs us to pray for them, that they would come to know the somebody who has done everything for them.

Influence 2015.7

Sunday morning at Xcel Church has been incredible with Canon J John. Always great to see people accept the invitation from Jesus and give their lives into His hands…here’s some of what he said…

What is Christianity?
John 3:16 indicates that Christianity is an invitation. We are all being offered the invitation today. What about tomorrow? Well we don’t know – we might not be alive

It’s important to respond to the invite

Who is it from?
From God. Who is God? He is unboxable. 
Invite is from God in the person of Jesus. 

Who is it to?
To everyone. 

What’s it about?
Forgiveness from the past. 
If you only deal with the symptoms you will always have them. You need to deal with the root cause. 

Jesus was the only on who could come into the world to rub it out, not rub it in. 

New life here today. 
You cannot be a Christian unless you are connected to Christ. 

Position Jesus in the driving seat of our lives. And don’t be a backseat driver. 

Hope for the future. 
We are heading towards one of two destinations. Jesus said this because it’s true.