I remember reading in the book Axiom by Pastor Bill Hybels the question ‘What life are you waiting for?’ This is the only leadership life I get, it is my one and only shot at following God the way I feel him prompting me to. This isn’t some pregame warm-up. It’s the game, and the clock is ticking.

Maybe it’s time for me to make my unique contribution to the world around me. To put to use the unique gifts, talents and skills that God has deposited within me. To be the uniqueness that is me. To not settle with being a copy or imitation of others but to have awareness of the person God has created me to be.

Being unique may not come easy. It takes some courage. It takes a measure of faith. It relies on some sacrifice. It is a mix of God-given ingredients with a good pinch of the Holy Spirit and a stir or two to get the power of God working in my life.

Don’t fight the uniqueness. Embrace it. Personality, gifts, experiences, values. They all make me, me. They all make you, you.

The adventure awaits, but it’s our choice to get in on it.

I’m trying my best. How about you?

Grow Up

I’m sure there are plenty of times when people have wanted to tell me to grow up. I’m sure of that because there have been times when I’ve wanted to say it to someone else.

I need people in my world to tell me that from time to time. People I respect, people who want the best for me and want to see the best from me. I won’t take it from just anyone especially if I don’t consider them to be someone who models the art of growing up themselves.

Growing up is about becoming mature. It’s not about becoming old and therefore, boring. For me it’s about always learning, watching my attitude, giving my all to the things I have to do. It’s about heart.

It’s about avoiding making excuses, being lazy or just plain rude. It’s about not getting in a grump with someone when they make a small mistake, or acting superior towards them because I would have done it better.

Growing up is not about perfection but we are meant to. Growing up is normal and if it isn’t happening right we would have a check up and get some help in correcting it. Mayb we need the same level of awareness when it comes to growing up in spiritual matters too.

“In a word, what I’m saying is, Grow up. You’re kingdom subjects. Now live like it. Live out your God-created identity. Live generously and graciously toward others, the way God lives toward you.” (‭Matthew‬ ‭5‬:‭48‬ MSG)

Eagerness or Excuses

In scripture we find a verse that tells us ‘if you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the land‘. [Isaiah 1:19] 

Unfortunately the culture of today is often more unwilling and disobedient. We want to work less for more pay. We want to pay less tax but gain more benefits. We want to receive without contributing. We want a great future without all the effort.

John Maxwell tells the story about a young man asking a millionaire about his secret to success. ‘How did you make your millions?‘ is the question from the eager young man. ‘Hard work’ is the reply. After a moment the young man asks another question, ‘Is there an easier way?’

We want it and we want it now, yet I’ve learned that God doesn’t really work like that. We may have an eagerness for the things of God yet we seem unwilling to exert any effort on our own behalf. We expect God or someone else to do all the work.

We are willing but not obedient. Which means we don’t get to enjoy the good place we really want to be in. We are eager for the future plans and purposes of God but have a long list of excuses as to why it just can’t happen. And that makes me sad.

I am guilty of this myself, more times than I care to remember. Laziness. Procrastination. Ignorance. Pathetic excuses like ‘I’ve got no time’, yet I find time for some stuff that must make God laugh (otherwise He might cry).

Eagerness + excuses usual equals unfulfilled dreams, plans and purposes.

Willingness + no obedience equals not ending up in the good land that God has for me.

An unwillingness to pray means God cannot answer. One thing I know the best way to have prayer unanswered is to not actually pray. An unwillingness to act means the project, the dream, the idea will never happen. To many say ‘God said’ but then never follow through with any movement of their own.

God doesn’t need to change, we do, I do. The question is whether I am willing to. Can I, with Gods help and the Holy Spirit within me, overcome the daft reasons and obstacles so I live out His best for my life? The answer of course is a wholehearted yes, but only if the willingness is followed by some action, if the eagerness is not followed by excuses.

I would love to know what you think…

Why Pentecost?

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday.

Think about that moment which we read about in Acts 1 & 2, when the disciples were sat, somewhat lost, afraid, unsure and then SUDDENLY the Holy Spirit turned up and literally turned them upside down.

We must not lose sight of the SIGNIFICANCE of that event.
We must not forget that we need that POWER in our lives, working, every day.
It is the POWER to…

This Charisma article highlights some reasons why pentecost is so vitally important.

What do you think?
Where would you be without the POWER of the Holy Spirit?

Book Review: The Encore Effect by Mark Sanborn

416W7LgBwsL._SL210_This book has been nudge into action. We all like to think we are remarkable but in reality most of us are probably a long way short of remarkable.

As with You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader, this is an easy, yet powerful read. Mark Sanborn pushes you to think about how you are performing, outlines the difference a remarkable performance can make but thankfully doesn’t leave it there. He then provides you with the tools to be able to change your performance and generate an ‘Encore Effect’.

Commitment – Professionalism – Skills – Values – Character

Preparation [our actions, our preparation – speaks louder than our words when it comes to how much we love what we do]
Performance [build your reputation and your brand on authenticity, not hyperbole]
Polish [never stop]

Although the content is not new, I really didn’t mind. If ‘my life is a performance that I am in charge of’ then I’ll take all the help I can get to provoke me into some action. Whether I am remarkable and worthy of an encore…I don’t know. But I will work on it! I want to be the kind of person who inspires others through my performance, instruct others through my teaching and help others improve through my encouragement.

Encouraged to know that our ‘performance can be elevated’. That it’s not about where we’re at, or even where we started….it’s about the potential we possess and how, with God’s help, we can release it.

I would definitely recommend this book. Only if you are up for a change!! Get your copy here.