5 Ways to Staying Healthy in My Role

Reflecting again on those things that are important to me that I believe help me to stay healthy in my role ~ as a husband, as a Father, and as an Executive Pastor in my local church.

Keep reading the Word of God. Every morning, be it 5 minutes or longer, I was check out the scriptures. Sometimes it’s part of a devotional I may be doing, other times it just picking it up and reading a portion. Either way, it is food for my spirit and just one key way in which I maintain my spiritual health.

Keep praying. And not just for myself. Each day I have specific things or people that I pray for. This has been a disciplined approach otherwise I would just pray for me all the time and I really don’t think that is right. I journal my prayers to help keep me focused cause my mind can easily drift, plus I have a record too of all that God has done for me.

Time with my family. They may not consider lounging about watching the television as anything special but often our just being in the same room is enough to keep my soul refreshed. We may play a game, watch a film or go out somewhere, that’s not the most important. To keep me healthy it’s about being with the people who the most special to me.

Doing a good days work. I love helping to build local church. It’s definitely where my heart is and I feel that I am in the right role. I like to know that what I am doing is making a difference and helping to bring the vision to pass. My soul is stronger and healthier when I have permission to be in my role, am empowered to lead and to help get stuff done, either just me or with others.

Getting a good nights sleep. Work hard, play hard and then sleep well. Enough said. If I don’t have enough energy for what God is calling me to, the person to blame is usually me. I’m not going to let tiredness from late nights be the reason God doesn’t use me.

One thing you notice as you read about successful people is that they not only had ideas and dreams but they were also willing to learn and discipline themselves to see those ideas and dreams actually happen. It was usually the simple things that would bring the greatest reward.

What would you add to this list?

Other Stuff Too

I have shared a few things I am wanting to see in 2016 – more WOW moments, digging into the Word and seeing my family flourish.

I want have some fun too. You know when you feel like you should be learning or doing something new. I want to improve my cooking skills. I am no masterchef but I do like to cook, just want it to be more than all the usual stuff, so here’s to introducing some new meals to the repertoire.

Praying for some BIG breakthroughs that I am full of faith for. To lead people to the Lord. To see family become Christians.

And I will get the book finished. Ill-discipline and procrastination are to be exchanged for focus and good old-fashioned determination and hard work. It’s a sad old state of affairs when your goals get stuck, so 2016 is the year to get unstuck and see some of them fulfilled.

Going to keep praying and working to see Xcel Church grow too. I love what I get to do as part of the team. 2016 has to be a year where we help grow BIGGER people who will own and carry the vision.

How about you? What do you want to do in 2016?

Being a Christian Husband

As part of our current series at Xcel Church we talked about what every man should be willing to do. In light of that, here are 5 things that are important to me as a Christian husband that I thought I would share with you…

Love God wholeheartedly. Wherever the rest of the family is with God, it’s often a reflection of where the man is. If you say you love God, then love God. Identify with Jesus and don’t be ashamed or embarrassed by that. Have a willingness to talk about Jesus and your love for Him. Then, let your decisions be a reflection of this. Be in church. Serve. Do something.

Be a spiritual leader. This is not about being in full time ministry. Plain and simply, this is about men being the spiritual leader they were created to be. Yes, marriage is a partnership. I am not talking about bossing others around or being manipulative. Just that as a man, take responsibility for the spiritual welfare of your home. If you are not happy with the atmosphere of your home, your marriage, your family then take an honest look at yourself, get with God and let the Holy Spirit change you. Heard it said once that to change the marriage, you change the man. Come on men, let’s be willing to change if needed.

Pray for your wife and your kids. Honesty time ~ do you actually pray for your wife (or the wife you haven’t met yet if you are single)? Do you pray for anything? Top of my list, every day, I pray for my wife & my 3 daughters. You cannot change your spouse or your kids. Stop looking for the opt out. Instead, pray. Intercede for them and let God be about the changing.

Love your wife like Christ loves the Church. This always scared me. Jesus died for His bride. He sacrificed and gave himself for the church. He never gives up on the Church. Now, He is praying for us. That’s some powerful display of love right there. I need to up my game so that my wife knows that she is the apple of my eye and that I am here to serve her as a man of God in her world.

Work hard. Whether you are employed or not, be someone who has a good work ethic. Laziness is not attractive. It’s not a sexist thing to say but some blokes need to ‘man up’ and start providing for the family. I know we can’t all work but if you can then I think you should. Do something. Work makes you feel valued, even when it’s unpaid. When you feel valued, you carry yourself differently. When you carry yourself differently it influences those closest to you.

What do you think?

Be the man. Be the leader God needs you to be. Whether married, want to be married or happy being single, being a man that God can use is the same. Don’t spend too much of life messing about and therefore missing out on living the adventure God gives to those who willingly step up and let Him know they are willing to ‘be the man’.

Life, Leadership & Other Stuff

Time for a change. Well a small one anyway.
An opportunity for a refocus. To start writing again.

Talking life – in all it’s many facets, experiences and opportunities. As a Pastor at Xcel Church. As a husband. As a dad. Each one exciting. Each one challenging. Each converging at times.

Talking leadership. Building church. Cultivating an environment where potential is released. Creating community. Loving God. Loving people. Loving life.

Talking other stuff. The journey, experiences. Thoughts from wherever – reading, teaching, people. Plus the fun stuff.

This is who I am. How I think.
Hoping that you will contribute aswell.