What Might Stop You in 2017?

Asking some questions in this period between Christmas and the New Year. Questions of reflection and questions to help us to look ahead. So far there has been one about what we were thankful for and another about what we would do if we knew it would succeed.

Today’s is a follow on question to yesterday: what could stop you in 2017?

My answers: I am a serial procrastinator, what’s your excuse. I’m working hard at not letting this get in the way of accomplishing some big dreams in 2017.

I say maybe and perhaps too often, like I doubt I believe what I am saying or I’m really trying too hard to not hurt anyones feelings, when I need to just be confident in what I’m saying.

Fear. Pride. Laziness. Lack of focus. Distractions. Good things. Whatever. All will have their shot at stopping me, I’m sure.

But if we knew what we could do would succeed – what is going to stop us?

How are you liking the questions? Any thoughts as we head into 2017?

7 Monday Morning Thoughts

A new day, a new working week.

After a fantastic Sunday and weekend with family and friends, Monday’s can hit us in the face. If we are not careful, we can feel defeated before we have even started. So here are 7 Monday morning thoughts to help us get the most of this week…

Get some time with God. Read your Bible. Hear what God is saying.

Thank God for what He is doing and invite Him in to all that will come your way this week. Pray.

Focus on what you have, not what you don’t have. 

Put the big rocks for the week in first. Make it God, family then church. Some simple organising creates space for some creativity.

Keep your soul healthy. Do something fun and not related to your work.

 From a work point of view, make a list of some things you want to get done this week. 

Go for a walk. Get some fresh air. It clears the head and gives you some time to think too.

What would you add to this list?

Leadership Focus

I wonder what helps you to focus or do you just find that really easy. I have moments of laser like purpose and then other days there just seems to be an endless amount of distractions – some genuine, others just me. 

Leaders get things done, so leaders need to know how to focus. After all, if your name is next to it, then the responsibility for seeing it finished is on you. 

Again, not always the best at this. Sometimes just knowing it needs to be done is enough but these other things help me too…

  1. Take a few minutes to write down what you have to do. 
  2. Make appointments with yourself to get them done
  3. Use ‘do not disturb’ – on the door, on the phone
  4. Hide your phone away, turn it off or give it to someone else
  5. Just work on one thing for a set period of time to get it finished or for progress to be made
  6. Go through your list and mark the things that only you can do and then look to delegate to others what they could do on your behalf. Always give clear instructions and expectations as part of that process
  7. Set some deadlines – they really help me
  8. Think about what needs to be done first – not necessarily from a speed of ease point of view but from an importance point of view
  9. Take a break. It is important to get up, walk around, close the laptop down, get some fresh air, have a drink to refresh you, go have a conversation with someone
  10. Enjoy what you do, even the parts of what we do that are less enjoyable

What would you add to this list? I would love to hear from you about how you remain focused on a task and what helps you.