Believing for the BIG…day 10

What are you believing God for?
Are you stretching your faith?
Have you made room recently for God to move?

Everything we do is a model of a certain lifestyle to those around us. It will have an impact on them – for good or not. It will display God off in one way or another. The call of a Christian is to reveal the glory of God in our lives – what we do, how we speak, in our reaction to life’s circumstances.

Paul spoke about 3 ways we become models to those around us…

In our work produced by faith.
In our labour prompted by love.
In our endurance inspired by hope in Lord Jesus Christ.

Believe for something. Ask God to be all over your work. Make it faith-filled.
Ask God to change something. Identify with others. Prompted by true faith and genuine love.
Look to the future. Stand strong with an anchor called hope – knowing God is able.

Don’t do nothing.
Believe God for something.

God Wants To Do the BIG Things

Encouraged this week in my praying and reading that God really does want to do something BIG.

In my life.
In my family.
In my Church.

If God desires that for me then He desires it for YOU as well. God really is FOR US.

Paul wrote to the Thessalonians that he was praying for them ‘that by his [God’s] power he may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by faith’. [2 Thessalonians 1:11]

So we are back to the need to make space for God to move. To act in FAITH. Without faith it’s impossible to please God. Without any acts prompted by faith God cannot fulfill anything. This is not acts prompted by my own desires but by faith. Challenges the heart: selfish desires v faith filled desires.

Selfish desires make me look good.
Faith filled desires make God look good.

God wants to fulfill every good purpose of mine to make Him look good. To bring glory to His name. To promote Him, not to promote me.

What act prompted by faith do you want to see God fulfill?

Make Space for What God Can Do

Was reminded this morning that God needs us to make space for him to move. Isaiah 54:2 tells us to ‘enlarge, to stretch, to not hold back, to lengthen and to strengthen’. Believing God for BIG things usually involves all these.

The key is to LENGTHEN the cords and then STRENGTHEN your stakes.

Both elements are important.
If you do not strengthen then you might snap.
You were designed to lengthen, to increase your capacity in God but not without learning how to strengthen that growth. Establish it, make it good, make it long lasting not just for a moment.

Believing BIG: Day 2

Here’s a thought:

If you are not believing God for something that you cannot physically do yourself then you are in danger of coasting in your Christian walk.

Always be believing for something.
Make it something BIG.
Something that will display God at His very best and give Him the glory.
That provides the opportunity to stand and say ‘It wasn’t me – it was God’

How do you pray BIG?
Take some time out to know what God wants you to pray for.
Don’t just pick anything – be specific.
Pray to see salvation in another persons life.
Pray to see growth in Xcel Church.
Pray for a breakthrough.
Ask but remember – play your part, do what you can & let God do what He can.

So…what are you praying for right now?

Believing for the BIG

This month I am focused on believing for the BIG.

Change – breakthrough – growth – increase – salvations

I know what I want to see – what about you?
What are you believing God for right now?
What’s the stretch for you?
Where are you creating space to allow God to do something?

Encourage you to join in. The next 30 days – pray, read, believe. Share your thoughts. Let’s pray & believe together, encourage one other and see God do some incredible things.

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life…[Day 59]

I always talk about this idea in the context of leadership. It’s not a new thought.

John Maxwell talks about how changing your beliefs change your behaviour which in turn can change your life. I knew this to be true but after 2 months of getting up earlier to pray and read the word I see it more clearly than ever. New disciplines create new horizons, a different way of seeing things and spending time with God can only be a good thing, right?

I reckon everyone is searching for some kind of breakthrough. Here’s what I’m learning…don’t just expect God to ‘do it’ for you. Sometimes change only comes through prayer and fasting. Sacrifice isn’t everything but ‘laying down your life’ for a moment and getting with God can often be the difference maker. Don’t squeeze Him in somewhere, rather set aside time, quality time for God. I think I’m of the opinion that if it was necessary for Jesus, then how much more is it necessary for me.

The Psalmist had it right, speaking often of ‘seeking God’, ‘staying blameless’, trusting in His ways’, rather than being too carefree. To seek, to stay blameless, to trust…this are active, we have to be determined at times to keep them.

Proverbs 21:21 ‘He who pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honour’

Keep your standing with God right! Don’t let the ‘stuff’ of life distract you too much from God. It’s easier to drift through each day and then wonder where they have gone, than live life with purpose and keep God at the centre of all you do. The default setting for humans never looks great – it usually involves laziness, being casual about stuff and reasonably selfish.

Maybe the time for change has arrived.
Maybe this time the change should be in spiritual things to bring about the change you want in other areas.

So…what changes are you making that demonstrates to God that you put Him first?
What breakthrough are you believing for? What victories have you seen so far?

Still Believing For Great Things

I knew that committing to praying and believing for 90 days was going to be hard work. The disciplines can start to loosen a little over time, keeping focus becomes harder, especially as now I am just passing the halfway mark. At the beginning it’s exciting, the end will be too…the middle bit though – that can feel like a slog.

Getting up some mornings isn’t easy. BUT it’s always worthwhile.

Enjoying more than a fleeting moment with God. Standing in the presence of God at the beginning of a new day – it has changed me.

I am becoming more aware of God.
I am becoming more aware of my need for God.
I am becoming more aware of those moments when life distracts me too much.

So I am still standing. Still praying. Still believing. Still actively engaging my faith to see God do great and amazing things, in my life, in my family, in Xcel Church Darlington.

How about you?
What are you praying for at the moment?
What are you believing for in faith?

Psalm 69:9 says ‘…zeal for your house consumes me…’ I think this is probably what gets me up in the morning and drives me on regardless of all else.

Forty Days…God’s Purposes Stand Firm

Still getting up early.
Still praying and asking God everyday.
Still believing.
Still standing in faith.

Reading through Psalms at the moment the following aspects have jumped out at me over the past few days. The way King David writes about…

the question of how long, when will you answer me
the way that frustration is mixed with an absolute trust that God will bring victory
the way he describes the impact that the statutes of the Lord can bring
the recognition of the need for God’s unfailing love

In the context of where I am right now, what I am praying into, the things I am believing for a verse I read today encouraged me so much…

‘the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations’ (Psalm 33:11) He is on the case, working out His plans, through me and through this generation.

What do you think?