What Would a Win Look Like For You in 2016?

There are some powerful reasons why this question is important enough that means each of us should to take time to consider it.

If we don’t know what a win looks like, how do we know if we have won.

If we don’t know why the win is important to us then giving up when it gets tough will be easier.

If we don’t have a win to go for, then another year may be spent putting our energy into anything.

I recently tried to articulate some of the wins I am looking for in 2016 – more WOW moments, digging into the Word of God, helping my family flourish and other stuff too. Each represent one or more WHAT’S, each of which need a WHY to be attached that can help me connect more purposefully with them and then each need a WHEN to help me to focus.

There is no guarantee for achievement but I am going to give it my best shot. It needs to be more than just a bunch of good intentions, I have done that too many times before, this time I better prepared and focused. To work like it depends on me, but also to pray like it depends on God. To win ~ personally, as a family, within my roles, and spiritually too.

How about you? What does your win look like? Why is it important to you?

Challenge Up

How about during the next 30 days we challenge up? It’s the only way to challenge yourself.

In whatever, look to challenge yourself for the more not the less. For the better. For the improvement. For the growth. Challenge up normally involves some stretch.

Getting fit. Eating well. Fixing what’s broken. Investing in yourself. Finishing the project. Starting your business. Creating something new. Writing the book. Fulfilling the dream. Reaching people. Building church. Knowing Jesus. Insert own ‘idea’ here.

Challenge up. I don’t know what that looks like for you. Maybe it’s about creating some space and making room, putting something down to pick the right thing up.

Challenge up. Perhaps it’s about taking 15 minutes a day and focusing in on that particular thing you really believe is your one thing.

How about it? Where would you challenge up in life? What’s to lose?


Enjoyed an evening with some of the men from Xcel Church tonight.

Pastor John reminded me tonight about the need to show a bit of audacity from time to time. Audacity is important to overcome apathy because it involved faith and faith is the antidote to apathy. Audacious faith is about speaking to situations and not just talking about it.

Joshua showed audacious faith when he asked God to stop the sun. That’s definitely out there. Who would even dare ask for such a thing? Yet the encouragement is for me to have my own audacious prayers – relational, spiritual, physical and financial.

There is victory in audacity.

Actually it doesn’t just work in faith, sometimes it works in other areas of life as it’s about doing something that sometimes doesn’t make sense. Start a new business. Change your financial habits. Turn the TV off. Go for the dream job. Marry that special someone. Join a gym. Love your spouse the right way. Or whatever it might be for you.

Where will you put your audacious faith to work? What could you do different that might just change your life?


Plan For a Great Year

22 days in to 2010….how is it so far? Have the resolutions stuck?

To have a great year you need to be INTENTIONAL.
To have a great year you need to have a PLAN

‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’

How do you know whether you have progressed in life, grown in maturity if you don’t know what you are wanting to see? What are the identifiable markers for growth in 2010 that you are setting for yourself?

Take up the challenge of changing some habits in your life with the purpose of seeing different results. Don’t travel round the same mountain in 2010, why not try & conquer it this year.

Use a Personal Growth Plan – set some goals, have mentors in your world
Identify your Core Values – make decision based on these
Build the Disciplines – what should you be doing
Create some Margin – make space for the doing of them

There’s lots of things you could do. The key is to do something!

Why not share some of your goals & vision for 2010 on here…

Big Hairy Audacious Goals

On the first Sunday of every month I do a leadership session. It’s just a small group of Xcel Darlington partners but they are there because the want to grow, develop as leaders and hopefully, become the people God needs them to become to take Xcel Darlington where God wants to take it!

They have been reading Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels. That book affected me. That’s why I recommended it. It challenged me on how I view leadership.

In the book he talks about ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goals’. Asked the team to think about some ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goals’ for Xcel Darlington. Wondering how brave they have been. How far will they go? Will they be BIG enough? Will they be truly AUDACIOUS? Hope so. Whatever – I am looking forward to discovering what they think could happen in the future of Xcel Darlington.

The next 3 months are going to be amazing – truly believe that Xcel Darlington has the potential to explode over the next 90 days.

What would your ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goals’ be?
Where do you think your church has the potential to go in the next 90 days?