October Has Come & Gone

Been a full month which finished this weekend at This New Republic Conference at Hope City in Sheffield.

Here are the top 5 posts in October. Thanks for passing through and I would love for you to leave some comments.

Messed Up Lately?

The Next Generation

God Is Walking With You

Why We Don’t See It

I Only Have Jesus


30 Days of Writing

My mini-challenge is done. At least one blog post every day throughout September. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey and maybe even some of what I’ve said.

I have a real desire to write. Not sure how good I am but this is the place of practice. Whether anyone reads or not is actually irrelevant. I have learnt that first you must write for yourself. It becomes a sort of personal journal of thoughts. Then the themes come, the focus for your writing.

When I look back over all that I have written, this is where my heart is – leadership and walking with God, ‘leading well in life’. Myself first, then others. After all, if I can’t lead myself well who would want to follow me.

So the journey continues. These will be my focus for the future:

Keep on walking with God.
Keep up with the learning.
Keep reading all variety of books.
Unpacking my Bible.
Helping others to do the same.

What will your focus be?