How Can I Help You Best?

You read my blog, some of you even know me personally, so I am asking you a question, one that could just help me shape the pages of this blog for the future.

Allowing for how well you know me or what you have read here – what do I know? If you were coming to me for something, what would it be? What problems would you come to me to for help? If you had a question, what would it be about?

I would value your feedback. Please complete the simple 3 question survey by clicking on the link below…

How Can I Help You Best?

Thanks for helping me as I look to make changes to this site of the next few weeks.

October Has Come & Gone

Been a full month which finished this weekend at This New Republic Conference at Hope City in Sheffield.

Here are the top 5 posts in October. Thanks for passing through and I would love for you to leave some comments.

Messed Up Lately?

The Next Generation

God Is Walking With You

Why We Don’t See It

I Only Have Jesus


Great Blogging Tips

I am still learning the art of great blogging and trying to discover my voice and what I should be sharing hear about leadership and life, so these points from Mark Batterson are so helpful

1. Stay Positive

2. Include Hyperlinks

3. Keep it Short and Sweet

4. Don’t let commentors hijack your blog

5. Tell Your Wife About It Before You Blog About It

6. If You Wouldn’t Say it to Their Face Don’t Blog It

7. Know Your Audience

8. Be Yourself

9. Find Your Rhythm

10. Stay Positive

To read the full post go to Mark’s own blog here