Final Thoughts, Ideas & Challenges

Final few things that anyone can do. Things that can help grow the Church. I realise Jesus said ‘I will build my Church’ but we do have the privilege of being involved. One thing I know…I can’t sit about doing nothing just because of what Jesus said.

Challenges #1, #2, #3, #4

Anyway with all that said..why not get involved in some of these…

Final Challenges
#5 Serve. Sundays. PY Fridays at Darlo. Wherever you can.
#6 Bring Someone. Chris Denham is coming on Sunday 7th June – what an opportunity. Or the next series ‘BATTLE OF THE SEXES’ – should be fun (if that’s the right word)
#7 Connect Think about what you enjoy, arrange to do it, get someone else involved – and not just everyone from Church either. My event – squash. Looking for some like-minded people to start a mini-league to run through the summer…email me if you want to join in!
#8 Climb Helvellyn for Cloud Nine. Great sponsored event, raising money to help people. get your work colleagues involved too!
#9 Attend Church on a Sunday. SGs on a Tuesday. Prayer meetings. BIG SOCIAL!!

You know what…I’m not bothered what you do as long as you all do something. You can add to this list too!

Xcel Darlington: Review

This morning was one of those frustrating mornings. Let me explain myself…

Did a leadership session before. Early start but great discussion: what are the challenges that leaders face?

The service was amazing. Frustrating because numbers were down…BUT…there was different feel to the atmosphere in the meeting this morning. The worship team did a great job…you could really sense God in the building. Plus…good to see different people being stretched in taking a leading role.

God was definitely doing something behind the scenes in peoples lives.

The message was a simple one…we must be dispensers of MERCY not MISERY. There was subtle difference in how Jesus dealt with people…He focused on the person not what the person was doing, focused on the sinner not the sin.

The challenge for us is to do the same. To create a place where anyone can come, feel at home, receive mercy. It doesn’t matter if someone’s walk isn’t perfect, after all…we are all a work-in-progress.

Xcel Darlington next week is Easter Sunday. Let’s fill that building with everyone we know. That way the gospel can be preached and people’s lives can be changed. It’s gonna be a great week and next Sunday is going to be incredible!! Sorry to keep going on like this…I am just excited about what God is doing and expectant for the breakthrough.

New Beginnings: Turning Points

mail-1Looking forward to Xcel Darlington in the morning. Love the privilege of speaking. Always working hard to make sure that words are not just waffle but have the potential to impact – Christian & non-Christian alike.

As we continue the TURNING POINTS series I urge ALL of Xcel Darlington to do their utmost to bring someone. How can a life be changed unless they hear about the love of God? How can they hear if someone doesn’t ask them?

This Easter, make the most of every opportunity. It is an ideal time to get people into Church. Even with the current climate it seems that more people are looking to the church for help, for guidance and for an unwavering sense of hope in uncertain times.

People DO NOT want religion.
People DO NOT want legalism.

People WANT relationship.
People WANT confidence for the future.

People NEED a turning point.
People NEED to know the mercy of God.

The way Jesus dealt with people – we can learn alot from him (obviously).

As people come across our path how we treat them will have an impact on any potential turning point. Many times there seems to a tendency for ‘some’ Christians and ‘some’ Churches deal with people incorrectly. They get the focus wrong. Too much focus on the SIN rather than the SINNER. There is a danger that we judge too quickly, making them feel guilty, condemned, adding to the misery the might already feel.

Jesus focused on the person.
Jesus poured out MERCY instead of MISERY.

Let’s learn together how to help those around us experience the turning point we so want them to enjoy.

Any thoughts about this?

Help Keep the Momentum

As Pastor of Xcel Darlington last Sunday was a good Sunday. We saw 90 people in attendance. Not a huge amount of people, not even the most we have ever seen but I sensed a difference. Momentum.

If you are part of Xcel Darlington think about Sunday before Sunday and what you can do to help keep the momentum.

Here’s what I saw…
…expectancy. People getting to Church earlier, if only by a couple of minutes. It makes a difference in setting the tone of the meeting. Help keep the momentum by coming early, ready to worship and give God your best.

…people bringing people. You want to help keep momentum. Bring someone. Connect with people outside of a Sunday. Keep inviting, even when they say no. One day they might say yes. Xcel Darlington is a great example of what Church can be like and change a person’s perspective.

…the preaching series. Not to blow my own trumpet by I think this has helped to create momentum. People have plugged into the series and kept coming back for next instalment. Help keep the momentum by committing to be there for the next one and think about who it might help and bring them along.

…great teams. People loving people. Great people, serving, doing whatever it takes to make the Church experience the best it can be. Our worship team, our venue team – thank you for playing your part.

…you. Help keep the momentum by coming to Xcel Darlington as often as you can. I know from my own experiences that it’s not always easy but I believe God will honour you for it.

What will you do to help keep the momentum? Plus…don’t forget this Sunday is the last part of the ‘Destiny: Get Locked On’ series. 11am. Dolphin Centre, Darlington.