Things to Help Keep you in Step With the Spirit

Continuing with some previous thoughts.

Remember that when you became a Christian: YOU CHANGED. Something happened. Your spirit came alive to the things of God. Easy really. Or maybe that was just the choice. The daily management of that choice is where the battle lays. Being lead by your flesh or being led by the spirit.

Paul wrote in Galatians 5:25 ‘keep in step with the spirit’. Maybe its like the spirit that is alive in you is calling you forward into the things of God but the flesh is holding you back. Sometimes I feel like I’m playing catch up with what God has for me.

What can I do to make sure I keep in step with the spirit? To tip into the things of God?

Remember whose KINGDOM you are in
We know we are part of God’s kingdom. We have been transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. A transfer price paid through Jesus.

Why do live some days as if we have forgotten this?
Why do we try & fit God into our kingdoms instead of remembering that we are in His?

Knowing whose Kingdom you are in creates confidence. It brings assurance. It’s why David could stand in front of Goliath and tell him that he was ‘going down’.

Let go off ME
Read this ‘I cannot embrace the Kingdom of God if my arms of full of ME’.

We want all that God has for us but we are too consumed with getting everything we want. You can’t have both. We cannot pursue our dreams and God’s dreams at the same time.

Letting go of ME makes space for God to move. It’s scary. It’s not easy. But a rush. What an adventure.

This is the tough one.

We repent. We turn away from our old life.
We get on with life.
We then turn round and go back to the old life. [Or is that just me]

Maybe repentance is a one-off. I would like to suggest that we need to repent more often.

We need to repent…
…of our lack of desire
…of turning back
…of allowing ‘others’ to cut in on us while we run the race
…of thinking the pursuit of our dreams & Jesus can live in harmony when that’s impossible
…for saying we seek first the kingdom of God as in Matthew 6:33 but then not fully trusting God to fulfill it

Keep in step with the spirit…
…remember whose Kingdom you are in
…let go of ME

Let’s see what difference it might make.

Thoughts, Ideas & Challenges

Really believing God for something incredible to happen in life of Xcel Church during June. It’s gonna be GIANT! Everyone can do something – to breathe out the love for Christ you have over others, to help one person move one step closer to a God encounter, to step more deliberately into things of God for your own life.

It doesn’t have to be a GIANT step to make GIANT difference.

Over the next few days I will be posting about somethings that ANYONE can do. Nothing so far out of reach that you will be intimidated. I encourage you to jump in at what ever level you feel comfortable BUT please take the plunge!!

Here’s the first couple for you to think about…

Challenge #1
Read the Gospel of Matthew. 28 chapters. 1 chapter each day (with a couple spare).
Take notes.
Pass by here and leave your thoughts.
I will post something everyday. I’m certainly of the opinion that my view is not necessarily the right view just a few thoughts from what I have read. Let’s learn together.

Challenge #2
Pray everyday. 30 days of standing and believing God for something or someone.
Pray for opportunities to speak to someone.
Pray that you would be a change agent in anothers world.
Pray for healing, reconciliation, friends, family.
Don’t care really – just pray everyday. Let’s see things change.

If you are up for this then let me know. Twitter me. Follow me. Message me. Leave a comment. Whether you are Xcel Church, Xcel Darlington or another place – just jump in and make this next month a GIANT one in your world.

A Matthew 10 Lifestyle

Are we over-complicating things in the Church?
Are we too focused on the right growth strategy, connecting people and organising stuff that we miss out on the simplicity of a Christ-led life?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for strategy and thinking. I love all that stuff. I am much more a long term person who likes to know where we are heading and how we can best get there. But Matthew 10 has got me thinking…

1. It doesn’t matter who you are. Jesus picked a motley crew of likely lads, gave them simple instructions and told them to basically just get on with it. No Pentecost yet. No out pouring of the Holy Spirit. No tongues of fire. Just a very simple thing – you’ve been with me a while so go…

– preach a simple message – the kingdom of heaven is near
– heal the sick
– raise the dead
– cleanse those who need to be
– drive out demons

Trying to remember the last time I did any of these!!

2. The focus was simple. Freely you have received so freely give. You don’t need any bells & whistles to reach out to people. If they receive you then stay, keep going. If they don’t, then move on. The worse that anyone can say is no. Nothing to be embarrassed about.

3. Expect the unexpected. Be on your guard. Be ready for anything but don’t worry about it either. If it’s happening because you are making a stand for Jesus’ sake then the words you need to speak will be given to you. In fact, people coming against you should almost be expected – just don’t allow yourself to not stand but give in to it.

4. Acknowledgement goes along way. Whoever acknowledges Jesus before men will be acknowledged before his Father in heaven. Whoever doesn’t acknowledge Jesus before others will not be acknowledged before his Father. A willingness to lose your own life for the sake of the Cause is a challenge worthy of acceptance.

5. Help someone. Just a small help can make a BIG difference. A cup of cold water may not seem like much to you but to the person who you give it may seem like the world.

Is this too simplistic? Is just knowing Jesus enough?
Love people.
Stand for Jesus.
Be ready for anything.
Trust God.

Lay down your life.

What do you think?

Your Christian Journey

I set myself the challenge for 90 days – rising early to pray & seek God. Here are my thoughts as it heads towards day 90…

…90 days is a LONG time
…it’s TOUGH to keep the disciplines going
…believing for BREAKTHROUGH is exciting
…recognising the breakthrough when it COMES is not always easy
…prayer WORKS
…loving reading the Word at the moment – incredible how often it speaks to you the right word at the right time
…change is often a necessity to see breakthrough become a REALITY
…the walk is just that, a walk – NOT a sprint
…one breakthrough is NEVER enough – I’m learning that I should always be believing for something
…stretching your faith HURTS
…where I am at with God IMPACTS every aspect of my life
…holding onto my INTEGRITY is an essential element to gaining breakthrough
…KEEP tight with God
…enjoy the JOURNEY, otherwise what’s the point!

How is your journey going at the moment?
Seen any breakthroughs recently?