Family & Friends

This is the beauty of church. It becomes your family and your friends.

I listened to a story yesterday from someone that was basically an advert for the benefits of being part of Gods family and His church. When life brings it’s twists and turns and you end up in a place thinking how did I get here, that’s when the incredible mix of your church friends and family really play their part.








Don’t hear what I’m not saying –  I love my natural family but they don’t live close by. So when trouble comes or situations need to be navigated then obviously I let them know what’s happening, yet it’s often my church family that can actually come alongside me. I hope you get what I mean. I pray that you have that for yourself and I thank God for my incredible extended friends and family from Xcel Church. Thank you for being there for me.

Xcel Darlington: The Big One

Been having some great Sundays throughout MASSIVE MARCH at Xcel Church Darlington. Loved that we have had the whole team across, bringing the word, encouraging us to go for it and really stretch out for growth.

So, Xcel Church Darlington. Are you ready?

This Sunday is THE BIG ONE.

We have set an audacious goal to get that studio room filled with 120 people. Together we can achieve it. It’s gonna be absolutely incredible too. History making for Xcel Darlington. Spread the word, be bold and courageous, ask someone to come. What’s the worst they can say?

This Sunday we start a new series…TURNING POINTS. Really looking forward unpacking some stuff from some turning points that individuals experienced when they met Jesus. Stuff we can learn as Christians that will help us help those around us come to a turning point with Jesus. After all, I guess that’s what many of us want.

People do not need all the answers to come to Xcel Darlington.
People do not need to be sorted before they can come to Xcel Darlington.
People do not need to change so they can come to Xcel Darlington.
Everyone and anyone can come. Just the way they are!

Get excited. Pray. Join with me in fasting on Wednesday & Thursday. Believe for a great weekend. To see peoples lives changed. For some of your friends to discover Jesus is more than they thought He was. To find out that Church is different to how they remember it.

Are you ready?