Not Losing IT: Distractions

I am not perfect. I am aware of some failings I have (even without others pointing them out).

However, I am determined to not lose IT.

I do get distracted. I recognise that am not always as focused as I want to be.

Following on from yesterday’s post – I just wondered whether we could have a time of online confession. Often at Church I’ll encourage the congregation to leave all the ‘stuff’ at the foot of the cross, after all Jesus encouraged us to cast our burdens on Him.

So…can you be honest…

…what distracts you from God?
…what gets in the way of you doing your best for him?
…what steals the time you want to give to God?

I’ll even start.

…my own self absorption. Thinking that ‘me’ time is a good reason not to spend time with God. I can do that quite a bit.

Now it’s your turn!