What Are You Talking About?

Don’t seem to be able to shake this whole dialogue thought. Would really love some interaction [dialogue] from people…

Loving the thought of seeing dialogue as a means to becoming a builder of bridges. Bringing people together, connecting different-minded people with one another.

Was reminded about what Isaiah 58:12 says
‘Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings’.

Is this not the power of great conversation? Not chatter. I mean real conversation. A group of people discussing something meaningful. Repairing, restoring, building. Laying foundations in another person’s life. So…what are you talking about?

How much time is spent on meaningful, bridge building conversation?
How much time is spent on the rest?

That’s not an accusation or meant as condemnation. Just an honest reflection from me on my world. I’ll go first and say that I am great friend of Christians but I don’t think this Pastor is going to be accused of being a friend of sinners. (I’m not saying that in a good way).

I don’t lack the desire to connect with others. I want Xcel Church and especially Xcel Darlington where I am Pastor to be a place for all. Bring people. Let’s open up the table, let’s talk. Let’s be honest about some stuff and let’s talk about things that really matter.

Does that make sense? Would you agree?

How is Your Dialogue?

This has got me thinking. How afraid am I of getting into dialogue with someone about belief, God, the universe and stuff like that? What about you?

Is this just a cultural thing? Are we just good at having an opinion in private?

Was discussing this at work and how important being willing to have a dialogue is. How it builds trust. How it’s just honest. How it brings a vulnerableness to who we are. But not too much! The Christian faith is about so much more than we are right and you are wrong. The place for Q&A doesn’t seem to exist much these days or is that just me.

Here’s a great thought…
The willingness to dialogue is the willingness to build bridges.
The willingness to build bridges is the beginning of genuine community, friendship and the opportunity for real conversations.

Would love peoples thoughts on the importance of dialogue in church and perhaps some reasons why we step away from it? Please share your thoughts today…

Creating Dialogue

Why don’t people like church?

Maybe one reason is that we are too quick to tell them that our life is right because we have God in it and theirs is wrong because they don’t. Is that not the wrong approach?

If we are to reach out to anyone and everyone then surely our main focus is just to create some dialogue. We should not be afraid that people will come with questions, in fact, we should possibly be embracing the challenge. We want people to come, ready to re-engage with church, with God, to have a willingness to at least discuss their reasons for being disillusioned with church.

As I get further into my role as a Pastor this thought is definitely becoming more important to me. I recognise that I do not have all the answers. I know that MY life is better for God in it but I also understand that not everyone will agree with this.

There is a process. Openness, honesty, vulnerability…they all help in creating dialogue. Showing others that Christians are normal people, with the same struggles that life can throw our way but that we deal with them differently. We look to God.

Not forcing my opinion on someone. That’s a major turn off and probably does more harm than good. Let’s be willing to create a dialogue. Build trust. Build integrity in a culture that looks on the church as a joke but maybe still has time for Jesus.

What do you think? An easy challenge to love for? Or an impossible dream?