Lead Well: Think Things Through

For three days this week I was at a Conference in Peterborough with some of the Xcel Leaders. The topic this time was mission and evangelism. In reality the topic of conversation is not important. Instead, it’s the principle of what we were doing which is more important.

If we want to lead well in life we have to be willing to give time to thinking things through And to do so the following 3 step process we were encouraged to use may help.

1. REALITY: Whatever the focus of thinking, how are things right now? What’s working, not working? Be honest. One good thing to do is give yourself a score between 1-5 (where 5 = good).

2. POSSIBILITY: Take some time to think about all the possible ideas. What could you do? This provides a great opportunity to dream, create and innovate, alongside the seemingly obvious stuff too.

3. ACTION: From all the possibilities choose no more than 3 which you could work on. Attach milestones to each one, dates for accomplishment and metrics to measure success.

This process for helping our thinking process could be used for just about any issue. In the end it creates some focus for our energies which have the potential to bring about the much needed turnaround or transformation.

What do you think? How could you make this work for you?

Reliability Not Originality

Which is more important – reliability or originality?

Xcel Church will not die from a lack of ideas. We are always looking at what we do, how we do it, changes that may be needed. We can create new programmes, events, change the website, blogs and media stuff and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact it’s important otherwise we lose our relevancy.

Being challenged though and you can certainly tell me if I am wrong. When it comes to leadership, in particular within the Church, people want reliability not just originality/creativity. Great ideas are one thing but being reliable – which includes being trustworthy, loyal, consistent and honest as a leader, these should always be the most important aspects of our role.

Last week in our quick leadership session at Darlington someone commented about the unity within the leadership at Xcel and how much that influenced them in establishing themselves in Xcel Church. That tells me we demonstrate both aspects.

You want to be a leader. Be more than just ideas…become a person of reliability.
Leadership in Church is not so much about what you do…it’s more about who you are as a person. That’s what people buy in to.

[What do you think?]