Are You Being Church or Just Doing Church?

Ouch! That’s a question.

It’s a challenge question. You don’t have to convince me of where you are…YOU KNOW!! How you respond to the fact you know is probably the most important aspect of a question like this. Is Church a ‘tick’ in a box, an event in your week every Sunday or are you living out the inward change in your day to day actions?

Too many Christians DO Church.
They attend.
They consume.
They arbitrarily decide whether Church is good enough by the songs that were sung, who preached or how loud the music was.
They leave because the Pastor didn’t pray for them.

[Is this too harsh?]

Church is about lifting up the name of Jesus. When we do that He will draw people to Himself.
Church is more than what we do on a Sunday. [Please let it be about more than a Sunday].
It’s about our interaction with OTHERS.
It’s about our influence with OTHERS.
It’s about our being the ‘real deal’ everyday with OTHERS.

What are you doing during the week to be Church?
Who are you reaching out to?
Whose life are you connected with?
What could you do to bring transformation to ANOTHER?
How have you displayed the love that you have for Jesus this week?

It’s a CHALLENGE for me. One I have to accept.
It’s everything we don’t like. Risky. Scary.
It takes everything we think we don’t have. Courage. Faith.
Are you up for it too?
What can you do between Sundays to impact someone’s world?

Doing Church v Being Church

Asked this question tonight. Not sure where it came from but it’s an interesting thought and challenge. Perhaps we can easily get caught up in the ‘doing’ of church rather than ‘being’ the church.

Doing church…having a role, a job…the doing of works and purposes of God
Being church…worship, connecting with God, with others…being light to the world, being Jesus.

Which do you find easier?
How do you balance ‘being’ and ‘doing’?
Can you have both?

Just after some thoughts from anyone passing through…