Power and Authority

power-001-001When it comes to leading well in life we must use our power and authority in the best and most appropriate ways. It is wrong to think that to be a leader is to be someone who can yield power and authority however we want.

Being a leader is more than being in charge. It is knowing when to do and say the right thing at the right time.

The right use of power and authority can change our world and the world of those around us.

The story of the Centurion in Luke 7 demonstrates this…

The Centurion never actually met Jesus. People loved him so much they spoke to Jesus on his behalf. He didn’t ask them to so why do this for him? Possibly because he treated them well as friends, he led himself and others in the right way. He had a powerful position but he did not use this to his advantage.

This was a more about who he was rather than what he was.

He understood authority and power and how when people with both use them well then those things you desire to be done, will be done.

This recognition of how power and authority work were a enough for him. Just say the word. It was a sign of great faith. He never sees Jesus. He just knows that Jesus has power and authority which used in the right way is enough to bring the change that he desires.

My prayer is that I would have the same faith-filled confidence in Jesus. To know without doubt that all it takes is a power-filled word from Jesus to change my world and to know this same power and authority is now in me, enabling me to bring change to others on Jesus’ behalf.

How do you feel about that?

Do You Not Trust Me? [Friday Leaders Post]

This has to be one of those niggling thoughts for a leader ~ do you not trust me? (Or maybe it’s just me)

Leadership experts would say that trust is hard won, and easily lost. That to build your trust account is more like a long-distance run than a sprint. I don’t disagree with these sentiments and have learnt a few truths about trust on my journey as a leader…

Trust can be frustrating. You work hard, you centre on the vision, you think about people, you serve others, you get stuff done and yet you still wonder why they don’t seem to trust you. 

That ‘one’ thing may still damage the trust. Maybe that’s the reason. Despite all the good you’ve been doing, that one thing is still enough for the question mark over your head. 

Trust needs to work both ways. Good leaders put their trust in others all the time, or at least they should. It may not be fair to say that because you’re trusting them, they must trust you but then again, trust should work both ways. 

You wouldn’t be where you are if you weren’t to be trusted. You would hope that if you were a serial untrustworthy person you wouldn’t be doing what you do. You’re either a really good fake or you’re doing alright. 

Renew the trust. To those who find it hard to trust a leader – we know we’ve made mistakes and got things wrong, who hasn’t. We’ve taken it on the chin and apologised too. Here’s to you renewing your trust in someone. 

Give your leader the trust that they need to know that you are with them.

How does the trust issue work for you?