Influence 2017: Session 5

The final session of the day with Dr Robi: Conquering the Giant…

We may say to ourselves ‘Someone should do something about that?’ Maybe that someone is you. 

We are the right people, positioned in the right place, to do the right thing. 

Step 1: Preparation: this about positioning rather than training, positioning by the Holy Spirit [James 1:2-4]

Step 2: Peseverance: not about endurance but rather about faithfulness and continuing to be faithful. For example, keeping on ‘loving’ someone even when it’s mundane. 

One step at a time, which is pretty boring really. It’s about being the same person in private and in public. 

Step 3: Prevail: just as you’ve conquered the giant, get ready, there will be another one.  

To prevail is to become more than a conqueror, whatever comes your way. 

Remember that Gods way is not to take us out of a situation but instead He will help us to get through it. 


Been an amazing day but as always I am encouraged, inspired and challenged, ready for what God has in store for me next. 

Build Church: Do What You Can


I remember being asked the question ‘How did you get to do what you are doing in church?’ I’m guessing it may have been a leading question but that doesn’t really matter because the answer is simple….


A few months ago I preached a message which included the one verse account in the book of Judges of a person called Shamgar. He demonstrated the qualities that answer the question above.

He used what he had, he did what he could, and he started where he was. In other words…just serve. Do something. Do everything. Do what you helps. If you can do it, then do it.

With this kind of attitude we build the church, we make the name of Jesus better known, we love one another and glorify our Father in heaven. From such an attitude a new orange cake business was started, a new honest blog was begun.

When we live feeling like others owe us a favour or that we have somehow become entitled to rewards or promotion due to all we have already done, we are in danger of falling into pride and losing our focus on the God we are called to serve. What does it matter if we end up doing the same thing for the next 50 years? If it honours God and  helps builds His church, is that really a problem?

Use what you have. Do what you can. Start where you are. Get on the journey of serving and allow God to then direct the route and the steps He has ordained. God wants to get us to where He needs us to be more than we want to get there, so the best option is always to just start to serve somewhere.

Challenge Up

How about during the next 30 days we challenge up? It’s the only way to challenge yourself.

In whatever, look to challenge yourself for the more not the less. For the better. For the improvement. For the growth. Challenge up normally involves some stretch.

Getting fit. Eating well. Fixing what’s broken. Investing in yourself. Finishing the project. Starting your business. Creating something new. Writing the book. Fulfilling the dream. Reaching people. Building church. Knowing Jesus. Insert own ‘idea’ here.

Challenge up. I don’t know what that looks like for you. Maybe it’s about creating some space and making room, putting something down to pick the right thing up.

Challenge up. Perhaps it’s about taking 15 minutes a day and focusing in on that particular thing you really believe is your one thing.

How about it? Where would you challenge up in life? What’s to lose?

A Bigger Life

‘Please hear this dream I have dreamed’ [Genesis 37:5]

Adam had all of creation presented to him
Noah was party to the future of the world
Abraham was told to imagine having sons more numerous than the stars
Jacob wrestled the Angel of God
Joseph saw his life in the way that God saw it….BIGGER

Walking with God is living life at a higher level. Living life with a panoramic view.

Life can only truly be at its biggest when we place God at the centre of it. Joseph had a sense of his future based on this thought, although I’m sure he didn’t see it exactly as it happened. He just made a determination to walk with God, the rest was the adventure of living it.

A dream though is one thing. Holding on to it through all eventualities is something completely different. Unfortunately many people don’t make it. Feelings and emotions can get in the way. Problems and challenges can become obstacles that seemingly cannot be overcome.

Joseph held on to what he knew. God was for him. God had a plan for his life. He walked as someone who had faith in his God. I think even if the dream had not been fulfilled he would have held on to his faith. It was after all the most important thing to him. It’s what helped him make decisions along the way and it’s why Gods favour was on him wherever he happened to be.

When it comes to my walk with God I look at Joseph and some thoughts come to mind…
I want that same kind of life.
I want to live with that greater level of faith.
I want to see my future in the way that God sees my future.
I don’t want my emotions to get in the way of the BIGGER life that God has for me.
I am determined to keep the main thing the main thing.

How about you? What’s the dream God has given you? 
What will you make sure doesn’t get in the way of holding on to your faith?

Destiny: Get Locked On [2]

destiny006Continued this series yesterday.

When I first thought of doing a series on destiny I always wanted to come at the subject from a different perspective but I’m not sure if I have managed that. Staying away from a ‘7 Steps to Success’ idea was one of my ultimate aims.

Loved what my Senior Leader said the other day in our staff training. ‘Your destiny is more robust than you think’. When you look at the lives of Jacob, Joseph and others from the early part of the Bible then this certainly rings true.

Last week I challenged people to take responsibility for how they viewed life and themselves , with the purpose of getting locked on to their destiny. This week continued those thoughts by looking at Joseph.

Here are my points
1. Having a dream is okay…but so is not having one.
Just don’t live only for the dream and miss out on what the journey brings. Don’t hold unrealistic expectations of what God could do in your life or be intimidated by what God could do in your life. The dream is great…just don’t force it!
2. Hold on to your integrity
Easy to moan, complain, become bitter. Hold on to your integrity.
Easy to compromise or cheat. Hold on to your integrity.
Saying no. Do the right thing. Even if it means pain to yourself. Hold on to your integrity.
3. Always be in the zone
Be ready. You don’t know when the opportunity will come. If you only turn on the style when you are on show, then I think you miss the point. Joseph was in the zone, whenever, wherever, good times and bad.
4. What looks wrong may be right
Often we make a change because it looks wrong. This cannot be God’s best for us. Or maybe it is just part of the journey. God bringing you through something, shaping you, teaching you, changing you…learning to trust completely in him, becoming the person He needs you to be.

[What are your thoughts on this subject?]