He is Alive! Am I?

If I can’t get excited today about my faith then I might struggle to ever get excited.

Jesus is Alive!! The tomb is empty. He has risen from the grave, death has been defeated. Within this act is everything that my faith is attached to. After all, it takes faith to believe this and then faith to live because of it.

Jesus died so I might live. He became nothing so that I could become something. He was abandoned by God so I never would be.

Let’s live a life that is full of life, the life of Christ.

The resurrection power is in me. That same power that raised Christ from the dead is in me.

I remember a song from years ago by Steve Camp that had the line ‘Jesus rose from the grave, we can’t even get out of bed’. No excuses, the power of God in us is enough.

Why can’t we live like this every day. Full of resurrection power that makes us an overcomer of all things, not in own strength but in the strength of the one who was raised.

Go and make disciples. Jesus is alive, His resurrection power is ours, so let’s respond to the call and GO.

Now it’s our turn. The good news of Jesus that we celebrate at Easter is ours not to keep secret but to share.

It’s not easy but with the power of the Holy Spirit working in us and through us, then all things become possible.

I pray that I will live well for all that Jesus has done for me. He is my all. Let my life reflect that. Help me Jesus to be all that you desire for me to be. Amen.

The Ultimate Turning Point

Easter is the turning point that everybody needs but too many still don’t understand.

Tomorrow is the opportunity to preach the Cross.
Tomorrow is the opportunity to point people towards their Saviour.

This is my first Easter preach. Want to get it right. Excited by the prospect of seeing lives transformed. The power of the Cross should always be remembered. Easier to get excited by the power of the Resurrection and the new life it brings than the pain endured on the Cross.

We can celebrate the death of Jesus. It may seem a strange thing to do but when you understand the reasons why Jesus endured the Cross, you know there is reason enough to celebrate it.


One leads you to repentance.
One represents forgiveness, justification, imputed righteousness, a great exchange of life transforming proportions.
One represents a new life.
One represents life reborn, a new heart imparted by the power of the Holy Spirit, adoption into God’s family.

‘The same power that raised Christ from the grave, lives in US’.

We must live a life worthy of ALL that Jesus DID for us.
We must live a life taking up our Cross, dying to self, living for Him.
It’s a challenge but one that we should literally give our all to pursue – to not live like that is to throw back into Jesus’ face all that he did for us. It’s almost like saying ‘Thanks, but no thanks’.

Let’s keep doing our best for Him. Whatever it takes!!

[Tell me why you love Easter?]

This Sunday is Easter: Make the Most of It!!

This Sunday is Easter…let’s make the most of it.

Sat pulling everything together for the preach of my life. Never preached an Easter message before. Mindful of the responsibility. Want to get it right. Could be the difference for someone and help them cross the line of decision. As J Lee Grady says in Charisma ‘It is the church’s responsibility to showcase the glorious Christ to a spiritually desperate multitude. He must be introduced properly. I pray we will be faithful in the way we present Him to our generation’.

We must CELEBRATE the resurrection of Jesus.
We must REMEMBER the Cross.
We must LIVE life with both of these events in mind.
We must do Jesus JUSTICE for all He did for us!!

Too many Christians have forgotten the cross.
Too many Christians take the resurrection forgranted.
Too many Christians live accepting mediocrity, not truly understanding the impact they could make for Jesus.

The CROSS OF CHRIST is the ultimate TURNING POINT…it is the ‘great exchange’ as Martin Luther wrote.

He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed [1 Peter 2:24]

This Easter…I am excited about the potential for breakthrough. In the words of Perry Noble (Pastor of New Spring Church)…I’m going to do my best to preach like its my last ever preach! If you are in Darlington then come & check Xcel Church out. Dolphin Centre @ 11am.


[By the way Xcel Darlington: it’s also our Easter Egg Giveaway…an easy way to bless someone. Don’t forget to bring your Egg]